Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cabinet-Take 3

This is how she started.  Sad but functional. 
And then she went red.  I liked her lots more.  Cause, you know…she at least had character. Then, we got a new table.  And suddenly we had no more room for her in the kitchen.  I seriously almost sold her {{begged for someone to take it}}.  For one, it was broken and the doors always fell off.  Two, it was painted hastily.

Darn...she needed a makeover.

So I stripped her down…bye bye red!DSC_8391Hello primer!  DSC_8389
My first thought was white…then I remembered the leftover paint from the garage walls. DSC_8384Some stain, baskets and new hardware…and hello new entryway cabinet.
EDIT: The baskets are from Target.  The stain is Minwax Dark Walnut.  The paint is Scarborough from the Olympic paint line at Lowes.