Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Still here...and counting down!

Ok, so I'm still here. If you asked me on Monday, this was terribly depressing, but today I'm ok with it. I just want everything to go well and when your pregnant, things just don't always go as planned.

I am thankful for this seemly healthy baby boy! I can't wait to meet him and officially bring him into our family. It's a HUGE reward for the 9 months of work I've done. I just can't really believe that he will be here anytime....
Everything else is going well. I think that I am in hyper drive lately. All I want to do is clean, pickup, organize, clean some more! Then by 6 pm, I am beat and just want to veg out on the couch. Poor Jason, he isn't here all day when I have energy and only gets to see the bum come out in me.

Gavin is having a blast at school. He is improving in so many ways. Here is a picture of him working on writing his name. Man, he has come so far in just a couple of weeks!

Cameron, is well...Cameron. I think he really likes just having my attention in the morning. He is always pulling me/pushing me when I am trying to do something into his toy room. It's like he saying, "Hello...what are you doing?! You're suppose to be playing with me!" Here is a classic picture...can seem to get enough of that blankie.
So I took some belly shots the other day...hope no one minds the bare belly :) I figured if (if...big if) this is the LAST time we have a baby, I better have pictures to remind me of the miraculous miracle it takes for my body to stretch to accommodate a growing baby.

I will keep you updated if anything changes. Only 5 more days till Labor day...Jason's b-day and my due date!!!! Have a good week.


Sunday, August 26, 2007

Getting there....

Why did God make pregnancy sooooo long?!? I guess it helps us with the patience we need once the baby finally gets here....I am still 8 days till d-day, but there is hope that he will come sooner! I go to the doctor tomorrow and she is planning on doing some things that may get the baby here sooner. Let's just say that I hope I am in the group of women that it works for! Please say a little prayer for our family as we wait. For patience and health, but most importantly for safety as we enter this adventure. The last deliver didn't go so smoothly...so I hope that it's in His plan to allow things to go well (oh...and quickly and easy...and as painless as possible!!) Ok, realistically, I know that IS NOT going to happen, but a girl can hope. Hopefully next blog won't be an update on the pregnancy, but of the little brownie himself...whatever his name is...


Sunday, August 19, 2007

Now all we need is the baby....

Finally finished! I am so excited to be able to show these off. I had all of this pictured in my head for months and now it's all put together. I think it is very relaxing in there....probably because I am in there without a screaming newborn. Having it done is a good feeling. I think we also have a name picked out....well sorta. We have 2. I like Nolan and Jason likes Preston. So at this point, I think we'll wait and see what he looks like and then make a decision.

So here are some BEFORE and AFTER pictures of the nursery!!! Let me know what you think.

This the room BEFORE we bought the house. It was a teens room. Blue walls with shell wallpaper....gag!

Here are some of the work in progress. New paint (dark brown on the bottom, green on the top) with white chair rail. We also painted all the trim white but still need to replace the doors.

Here it the finished (almost) room: Only need to get a rod to hang the valance and get some items for the shelves.

I "recovered" the glider myself. This was a little more expensive ($30ish) than I wanted, but it's suede and sooooo soft. We still have the ottoman to do.

I really like how all the white shelving and frames turned out. The stars on the wall were blue but I just threw a coat of paint on them and what a difference!
I made these pictures using scrapbooking paper and the computer. Cheap artwork!

I also scraped his ultrasound pics with the coordinating papers.

Oh, and here's me. Just 15 days until the big day! I go to the doctor tomorrow and will hopefully find out SOMETHING. It's just a waiting game from here....Jaime

P.S. Thanks for letting me share :)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Kindergarten rules!

And so it begins...
Gavin started kindergarten on Tuesday! I was really surprised that I wasn't one of "those " parents...you know the red eyed, sad looking one smiling through their tears as they leave their child...who is so worked up by their parents actions that they are no longer excited...but scared that mommy is leaving them in this scary place!

Gavin was SO excited to start school that I think it was the only thing that we talked about in the days leading up to it. He was up bright and early on Tuesday, dressed and ready...something that usually takes at least 15 minutes with whining and complaining that "it's just too hard" Yet this morning, he was obedient and quick...I never knew!

It was off to school at 7:45...but wait...I had to take a gazillion pictures to savor this fleeting moment. I secretly prayed that I wouldn't be the only goofball parent bringing their child to school with camera flashes following their every move! Guess what...I wasn't and some of those parents had children well into middle school. Good...at least when our children complain about my picture addiction I can whine to them...."but all the other parents do it!"

The plan was to meet in the gym for a mini pep rally and them escort him to class. Some of the other parents did just this...but as he got into line with his fellow classmates, I just felt the moment was right to let go. A part of me was sad, a small part of me. But he is so ready and excited to learn that it seems selfish of me to not let go easily.

So now that school is officially over for the week my thoughts are this:

1. Nothing has really changed. Except he's not here until 11:30.

2. Having Gavin away for a few hours each day actually lets me spend more individual time with each boy. Cameron has my attention in the morning, and Gavin has it when Cam lays down at 1. A nice trade-off actually.

3. Gavin is way more responsible and mature than I give him credit. He remembers to do his homework, what to bring to school, and seems to be grasping new material easily.

So really what it comes down to is that he is still my same Gavin, but he's growing up and soon he won't be so excited about a new school year, the quarter I slipped him, or the ice cream sundae we just made together...so I'll just try to slow down and savor these moments for as long as he lets me...

Thursday, August 09, 2007


Why am I being so impatient??? I still have a little over 3 weeks to go and I am getting so anxious. What is so great about having a screaming little baby anyways??? Oh and the pain from recovery...let's not go there. It's not that I am uncomfortable, I am just...well...impatient. I can't wait to see that little face and hold him in my arms. I know that its going to be SO much work and I am going to be exhausted, but something about bringing a brand new member of our family home just makes me smile :)

Maybe he'll wait till his room is done and the clothes are washed and the house is clean. I just hope that its a good time for me....you know, not in the middle of the night because he does have two other brothers that need us too! I know that I can only plan so much because God has it all mapped out. So God, if your listening (and I know you are...) please:

1. DON'T let my water break in public
2. Make it quick...no 36 hour labors for me
3. No cutting allowed...anywhere...
4. Help me to be nice...especially to my family!
5.Make the baby a good sleeper, a good eater, and well...calm...I haven't got one of those yet
6. Help me teach Cameron that a baby is fragile...because "it's never ok to hit your brother on the head with your toy hammer"
7. MOST IMPORTANTLY....give me a sign, something...this child STILL has no name!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Mission #1 Accomplished

Yes! Our garage sale this weekend went so amazingly well. Even Gavin made a large profit on his kool-aid/krispy kreme/cookie stand. I think people couldn't resist his cute little face! I cleared out so many things and there were very few things left. I am so glad to have all this extra space. Just in time for all the new baby stuff :)

Speaking of baby, I am 36 weeks! That means next week I will be full term. I can't believe it. I not counting on going early, though...didn't with the first two. The baby's room is next on the agenda now that the kitchen and garage sale are done. I put the last coat of paint on and plan on starting the three coats of trim painting tomorrow?!? I was talking to Jason last night and we only have 29 more days (well, 28 now!). Man, bringing a new baby home is alot of work....I still have things like diapers to buy, clothes to wash, and a whole room to put together. At least I have the bassinet ready. If he comes early, he'll have a place to sleep!

I have my big 36 week checkup with the doc on Wednesday. I am hoping that I will be progressing (if even a little) and maybe get more details about the baby's size and such....

Thanks to all of my family that came to visit us this weekend. I know that I really enjoyed it and I think the rest of the family did too. I can always count on good eating and SOOOOO many laughs while you are here. I can't wait till you all get to come back and see the baby.

Well, I am sure that Cam will be waking up soon. Better get back to the laundry...I hope you all enjoy your week and will update you later this week.