Friday, September 26, 2008

Looking forward..

We've had a busy week! I can't believe it already Friday. Nolan had an eye appt this morning for his uncooperative clogged tear duct. Doc wasn't as helpful as I was now we wait some more....

We scored tickets to this weekend's Purdue vs. ND football game. We are so excited. It'll be nice to be away from the kids awhile and visit with some friends too!

On another exciting note...we finally bought a new ring. Shocking, I know. It has only been since November that I lost my original diamond. I was worth the wait.

Check back early next week and maybe I'll have pics from this weekend.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy belated party Nolan

Bad mommy just realized she never shared Nolan's b-day party pics. Bad mommy almost didn't even have a b-day party for Nolan. I mean, does a one year old even need a party? The good mommy in me, however, thought better of it, and started planning. And then...things changed. We ended up going up north to celebrate, but we had two parties, which is really twice as fun! It was nice to visit with everyone and eat cake..twice actually. Thanks to all who helped out!

Here is Nolan's special birthday banner I made. It took forever to make but it was worth it. All I have to switch is the pics and it's ?? birthday banner! Don't you want one now too?

Nolan on his actual birthday. The boys helped make the cake. Nolan didn't really know what to think of all the fuss...the singing, the candles, the cake.

Party #1..see how excited Nolan is:

Living the good life for sure. All tuckered out.Party #2: by this point he thinks we've gone mad.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I came across this and felt that it was good enough to share. Before I was a christian I never really got it. I personally know that people tend to put off seeking God because they think that accepting Him will make their live inconvenient (having to go to Church, giving up sinful behavior, etc...) but in reality accepting Christ makes things so much easier.

Don't put off the decision to do so....not deciding is still deciding.


Friday, September 12, 2008


Holy crap. I just posted my first ad on craigslist for my cards...kinda scary...kinda exciting!

We'll see if anyone bits....


Thursday, September 11, 2008

If anyone knows me, they now that I am not a morning person. So when my phone rang shortly after 8:45 am one beautiful September morning I was a little annoyed. I still has 15 minutes to sleep before I had to get up to make it to my 10:00 am job where I was a teller at a local bank.

It was my mom and see seemed a little panicky.

"Turn on the TV and see this"

I watched as the second plane hit on live TV. I couldn't even begin to understand the gravity of what was going on.

Jason, just my boyfriend at the time, was at Purdue. All phone lines where busy. You could not get through. I guess everyone was checking on their loved ones...just in case.

As I drove to work and listened intently to the events unfolding...I remember being scared that planes were going to begin falling out of the sky.

By the time I arrived at work, we had a TV set up in the lobby and watched as things started to become clear that this was not an accident. We watched the plane hit the pentagon. The towers fall. United 93. I will never forget the disparity. The sadness.

There were very few customers that day. But alot of calls. Alot of reassuring and alot of older people wanting large sums of money. I think some people feared that the whole economy was on the verge of collapse. Especially those who lived during the stock market crash.

I made my best friend and her boyfriend spend the night at my apartment. So I wouldn't have to be alone. CNN was on all night. I would drift off and wake up to images that will forever be with me. People who survived, firefighters, police. Heroes.

My life was forever changed that day. Continued to be changed because of that day. The war on terror...the Iraqi war...all lead back to it.

When me and Jason first meet and I found out he was in the reserves, I asked him if he was scared to go to war. "Who's gonna go to war with the US" he said. That was 2000. What a difference a year makes.

I wasn't a Christian then. I am sure that I would have handled that day different if I had been. I do remember that all the sudden God becoming center stage in America. In God We Trust was all the sudden ok again. I didn't see God in that day. I saw hate and anger. Now, I see his mercy, his love.

The patriotism, the coming together as a nation was amazing. People sacrificed for each other. People wanted to fight and win over terrorism. No politics, no party lines. People were courteous and nice. It's sad that it takes a national tragedy to show love to your neighbor.

I will never forget and I am sure you won't either. So many things will never be the same.

I pray for those left behind and those who's lives have been forever affected. May God give them peace in their pain.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Weekend in Ohio

We're back from the much anticipated "get-away"...We headed to Cincy last weekend to meet up with Jason's brother/wife/son and dad. It's been almost 2 years since Jason and Josh have seen each other! Josh recently got out of the military and has since moved to Alabama. I have never been there, but now we have a great excuse to go!

We planned a Friday night Cubs vs. Reds game and guess what? It rained! Bummer cause having four kids at the ballpark is not enough stress. They ended up losing. Double bummer.

With Nolan, it was either this:Or this:

On Saturday, we headed to the Creation Museum. If you thought about going....go. It's not the greatest thing to take the kiddo along with, lots of reading and very few 'hands-on' exhibits. We are definitely going back...sans kids. Love this pic I got in the botanical gardens. Next time, I am planning on taking more time to shoot out there.We stayed Saturday night too and ended up checking out one of the local churchs on Sunday. It was...well, it was uninspiring and almost wishy-washy. Too bad too. The theme was serving one another. Hard to imagine messing that one up??

What. What's this. More Cubs pics??? Have you had enough all ready?

See that...we are at the game again on Sunday. Believe me, it wasn't my idea. They lost too. Again. Maybe I did get something out of that service earlier in the day...selflessness, caring more about others happy vs. self...j/k. I ended up working out ok. We got the tickets cheaper than the ones we bought from the Reds a few weeks earlier. Gotta love those scalpers. The weather was gorgeous and there isn't really anything in life that a little cotton candy can't fix. There was a silver lining. After the game, the kids were allowed on the field to run the bases. Well, kids as in anyone with kids with them could run the bases. The boys were excited. How many times do you get to go onto a Major League field?

See this?? A pic with me in it. Too bad each kid has the dumbest expression...guess I can't win them all.


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Happy birthday Nolan

It's hard to believe that just one year ago, we didn't know what you would bring into our family...Then your here, and we can't imagine what life was without you!
It's been months of growth, teaching, learning, milestones.
12 glorious months of smiles, tears, and giggles
Many new adjustments.

365 days of joy, worry and wonder.

I love you more than you know.


I can't believe my little baby is one!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Who says laundry has to be boring??

Here is what we did today:



We still have to paint the trim white and take down the rest of the track from the closet doors. I used to like the fact that I was able to hid things in there and just shut the doors. But since out front loaders are too deep, we had to take the doors off. This was the solution we can up with. What do you think??

I love black cabinets. Now it off to the boys bathroom...I'm so painting the oak in there black after seeing how great these look (gasp!) Maybe I'll do some fun stripes on the wall too!