Friday, September 26, 2008

Looking forward..

We've had a busy week! I can't believe it already Friday. Nolan had an eye appt this morning for his uncooperative clogged tear duct. Doc wasn't as helpful as I was now we wait some more....

We scored tickets to this weekend's Purdue vs. ND football game. We are so excited. It'll be nice to be away from the kids awhile and visit with some friends too!

On another exciting note...we finally bought a new ring. Shocking, I know. It has only been since November that I lost my original diamond. I was worth the wait.

Check back early next week and maybe I'll have pics from this weekend.


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The Raines Family said...

Hey, I stil have some of those "homeopathic" meds that opened Aiden's clogged can have them if you want to give it a try!!