Thursday, March 26, 2009


It's 11:45pm. Jason is still at work. This is got to be over soon. I miss my husband.

On a brighter side, he did surprise me by coming home for lunch and we meet for dinner.

Things have been a little weird around here lately. I have been busy with some random project. Like a beautiful baby announcement and a wedding invitation. My car still needs to get it's second repair job, I need to wrap up some random craft projects junkin up my counter, and I really, really, need to make something with the chicken that's been defrosting in my fridge for 2 days. It always seems like one step forward on my to-do-list and three things get added. Just so you know...I am a huge list maker. I make list so that I can cross things off. I think I will make a list tonight when I am done. I will put update blog on there and cross it off. It's therapeutic.

Cameron's allergy test all came back negative. That's good, but the doctor said something about that doesn't mean an allergy doesn't exist still. Whatever that means. He hasn't been complaining of pain as much...we'll see.


Monday, March 23, 2009

Funny things

My sister sent this today in my email. I never forward emails. But this is hilarious.

Here is what Jeff Foxworthy has to say about Hoosiers...

If your local Dairy Queen is closed from September through May, you may live in Indiana .

If someone in a Home Depot store offers you assistance and they don't work there, you may live in Indiana .

If you've worn shorts and a parka at the same time, you may live in Indiana .

If you've had a lengthy telephone conversation with someone who dialed a wrong number, you may live in Indiana .

If "vacation" means going anywhere south of Muncie for the weekend, you may live in Indiana .

If you measure distance in hours, you may live in Indiana .

If you know several people who have hit a deer more than once, you may live in Indiana .

If you have switched from 'heat' to 'A/C' in the same day and back again, you may live in Indiana .

If you can drive 75 mph through 2 feet of snow during a raging blizzard without flinching, you may live in Indiana .

If you install security lights on your house and garage, but leave both unlocked, you may live in Indiana .

If you carry jumpers in your car and your wife knows how to use them, you may live in Indiana .

If you design your kid's Halloween costume to fit over a snowsuit, you may live in Indiana .

If the speed limit on the highway is 55 mph - you're going 80 and everybody is passing you, you may live in Indiana .

If driving is better in the winter because the potholes are filled with snow, you may live in Indiana .

If you know all 4 seasons: almost winter, winter, still winter and road construction, you may live in Indiana .

If you have more miles on your snow blower than your car, you may live in Indiana .

If you find 10 degrees "a little chilly", you may live in Indiana .

If you actually understand these jokes, and forward them to all your Indiana friends & others, you definitely do live - or have lived - in Indiana .


Saturday, March 21, 2009


Get this. I went to the gym twice this week. Twice people. I am proud and definitely bragging. Yes, it may not last....Yes, it really sucks. But, it makes me happy that I am doing something for myself. I am way more motivated afterwards. The sunny weather is helping too. I think I was in a pit of self inflicted winter gloominess.

The kids have been playing outside no stop for the last few days. Maybe that's why I have been so productive?! It's heavenly to throw open the doors and throw the kids outside. I done my share of swinging and ball throwing in the last few days. I feel like I can breath again.

Jason has been working tons the last week or so. I feel bad because I have become 'that wife' You know the naggy, clingy one who is always complaining about work/family priorities. I am working on it.

There have been lots of long nights staring into his laptop screen. Poor guy can't get anything done with us around (read: can't I just say at work late tonight??) Poor guy also has a wife that hates mornings (read: doesn't want to take the young-in to school at 8am). This all equates to some negotiations. Basically, I am gonna have to drag my booty up and start taking Gavin to school so that my poor husband doesn't have to stay at work till 7pm to get his work done. At least this is *hopefully* temporary and at least it's warm(er) in the mornings now?

This extra stress at work has a halt to my wants and needs. Ok, I'm exaggerating, but I really want to move forward with 'my' plans. My plans involve lots of paints, glue and trim pieces. I'm the thinker and he's the doer. So, I'm stuck without a doer and it sucks!

Me: "When do you want to start on the kitchen"

Jason: "Start? 1990-Never"

Real funny.

In other news, Gavin lost his 5th tooth today. He's super excited for the tooth fairy to pay a little visit tonight. I wonder what time he'll pop into our room in the morning to share the news. 6am anyone???

We scored some great deals today while doing some random shopping. Toys-R-Us had free Thomas the train engines (12.99 value). Each boy got one. Total savings: $41

Target had their energy efficient light bulbs on sale this week for $1 (73% off). They were out. We got rain checks for 33 of them. Ha. So we don't think that we'll need 33, but it's better to over estimate then underestimate, right?

On a money saving note, I went grocery shopping on Thursday and spent $130. I saved over $160! I think I had $56 in coupon savings alone. Maybe someday I can put a little tutorial together to help those of you that don't "get" couponing. It's time consuming, but so worth it! There are lots of websites that make it super easy to link your coupons with store sales, which is the best way to go!

So basically this turned into the most random post ever. It's 12:40 in the morning and we have to be at church at 7:40. Nice.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Today was

I dappled into still photography. I shot these photos today (for a girls who's wedding I shot this summer) These are just 2 of the 210 I took. She has some great items and I hope these pictures will be able to help her launch her small business in the coming months.

I went to back to the body shop to discuss my little problems. It looks like they are gonna make nice. They ordered me a part and I plan to go back later this week and get it all touched up. Anyone up for some kids one afternoon this week or next??

We had steak and potatoes tonight. Green potatoes actually. The kids got a big kick out of it. Nolan ate the mashed potatoes with his fingers and had green hands the rest of the night.

We hit Targetand scored some more free steaks. They are priced cut at my store for $1.99lb. A $2 off coupon makes a 1lb steak free or almost free. We also picked up 3 boxes cereal and 5 boxes of granola bars. Total for 6 steaks plus 3 boxes of cereal and 5 boxes of bars = $13.00!

After target we headed to Krispy Kreme for some donuts. Back in January if you bought a dozen you got 12 free donut valentines. I kept them :) They had the light on (light on=free donut) and we got free glazed ones when we walked in. We just ate those, got 4 free ones with our coupons for tomorrow AM and bought a soda. Total for 9 donuts and a large pop = $1.70. And who saids you have to spend a fortune for some family fun!?

Oh, and sorry about all the grammatical errors and run on sentences. I can't seem to make things sound right lately so I just gave up and type away :) Are you still with me???


Monday, March 16, 2009


After much anticipation, I finally got my car back today. See, I was rear ended last month. Everyone was fine, but the van needed some repair. It was inconvenient, yes, but I was very thankful that no one got hurt and the damage was contained to the rear of the van. ( I am sure I have already shared this :) Switching the car seats out wasn't much fun and the rental van had some annoying kinks. Turns out, when we picked up the car today, they made a mess of the interior of my van with their dirty shoes (which it was messy to start with....but size 12 shoe marks all over the rear seats and floor aren't from my kids) then as I was putting the stroller away I noticed that the paint is already starting to peel on the new hatch....ugh. It was a aftermarket hatch(I have an '02 which I guess is considered ancient to insurance companies) I am ok with that, but don't give me something worse than what I had. They also didn't put this plastic piece on right and it just pulls off. Plus, my rear hatch ajar light still is on. wouldn't think there would be that much stuff wrong. I hope that all this is fixed right this time.

In other news, it was gorgeous out today and my flowers are starting to bloom. Yeah! We played outside lots today. Afterall, I had a car to clean after those dirty men.

We also babysat for our date night tonight. The kids had a blast in the yard (and mud) and we even got to take them for a walk around the block. On guy stop, stared, counted...and said "wow, seven?" Haha. They are very close in ages, so it would be possible with twins or a set of triplets, but I think we would have stopped long before seven. We wore then out and they all crashed in bed with no complaints tonight. Gotta love the warmer weather. Bring on the 90's!!!! I have some pictures from the last few days, but my camera batteries are charging. I have a photo shoot tomorrow that I am super excited about. I hope to share some photographs tomorrow pending they turn out as I hope!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Old habits die hard.

Why is it so hard to keep you all in the loop and update this darn thing?

In my defense (and this seems like a common theme with alot of people) this week has flown by! I can not believe that we are to Friday already!

I took the kiddos to the doctor for their annual checkups today. Cameron is experiencing some issues so we are in the process of checking for food allergies....the upcoming blood draw is sure to be lots of fun! Nolan had an ear infection. Poor guy, I didn't even know :( Other than that, they are doing great.

Nolan is in the 50% of height and weight. Cam is the in 75%. Shocking, really.

I worked on Tuesday, church business on Wednesday (we're in the mist of a major nursery project), bible study tonight. Nothing tomorrow....phew.

Two really random things:

1. Old Navy is having a 30% off friends and family event. 30% your entire purchase if you have the email printout. Let me know if you want it and I will send you over a copy. It's good until Sunday. I got 9 pairs of pants and 5 shirts for $100! Too bad none of the pants work. We'll be doing some exchanging this weekend.

2. I had Little Ceasars for the first time tonight. Yum. Best deal ever. $5 large pizzas if you carry out. We only have a south side location, but we decided to give it a whirl tonight for fun. If you have one close, you need to try them out. A DiGiorno from the store cost at least that much!


Monday, March 09, 2009


My car went into the shop today. Which means that I had quite the adventure trying to handle two kids, two cars seats, and two well meaning gentleman at the repair shop. It's a lot of work to switch everything out. We survived and look forward to doing it again in four days ;)

Me and Jason had date night tonight. Nothing spectacular, just a quite night of dinner and shopping with no little voices fighting for our attention.

Tomorrow brings MOPS in the AM and maybe a work night for me. It's been a long time since I've gotten a chance to work...we'll see how it all plays out.


Sunday, March 08, 2009

Hope you all had a great weekend. Seems like Friday thru Sunday always flies by, but Monday thru Wednesday drags is life, I guess.

We didn't do much of anything again this weekend. I miss the smell of saw dust and wet paint...sigh. I do love spending some quality time with the family, sleeping in, and naps, though :)

We played outside a lot this week. The warm weather was sure a tease. I think it's gonnna get cold again, too. The boys loved playing outside and I loved the fresh air and the change of something a little different.

They seemed to enjoy feeding Sophie grass. Dumb dog ate it...We got a swingset late last summer and the boys never really got a chance to use it. They love the swings. I love that there are 3 of fighting.This happens everything I try to take a pictures of Gavin. Darn kid.
We even look a neighboorhood stroll the other day. Poor Nolan is always left in their dust. He thinks it's fun to chase after them, though.Photobucket

Thursday, March 05, 2009


It's been a busy week. I can hardly believe tomorrow is Friday! A good friend of mine is having some health issues and I have been helping her out with her kids.

Another good friend is moving away....sob we had a going away party tonight. It was a great time out with the girls! These are many of my wonderful friends, but there are alot missing too!

I have spend a little too much time at target today. See, I am a coupon magnet, you all know that :) So it just so happens that a went to Target with a friend who just so happened to hear about these great coupons. Of course she shared (thanks Melissa!!) Basically, you just go to their site, click on grocery coupons at the bottom of the main page, and print of some awesome coupons. The kiosk that print gift registries allow you to print in need to use your own paper and ink! Anyways. can you guess who much all these things cost???

8 steaks

2 roast

12 cans of cream soup

11 applesause 6-packs

10 boxes of rice krispy snacks

$40.59 plus I got $10 in gift cards to use for a future purchase!!!

This one might be hard to top.

Now, if you need me tomorrow, you know where you can find me. I will be buying some more steaks!


Tuesday, March 03, 2009


This issue is very close to my heart. Don't just sit around and let the goverment tell us what we HAVE to do!! I may not be in the medical field, but I have some close friends who are. Let's stand up for our rights!

Obama seeks to take away religious rights of doctors and health care providers who refuse to perform abortions

Urgent: send your e-mail to the White House today!

March 3, 2009

Dear Friend,

According to several news agencies, President Barack Obama will rescind the "conscience rule" that protects health workers who refuse to participate in abortions or other medical procedures that go against their moral and religious beliefs. If the rule is rescinded, doctors, nurses and other health care workers could lose their jobs or be punished professionally for adhering to their sincerely held religious convictions. Obama's proposal would take away their religious freedom.

The current rule empowers federal health officials to cut off federal funding for any state or local government, hospital, clinic, health plan, doctor's office or other entity if it does not accommodate employees who exercise their right of conscience. It applies to more than 584,000 health care facilities.

The Obama administration is doing the bidding of pro-abortion advocacy groups who seek to penalize health care providers who refuse to participate in abortions.

According to The Washington Post, Obama administration officials stressed that the proposal will be subject to 30 days of public comment. That is why it is so very important for you to let the White House hear from you today.


Sunday, March 01, 2009


In an effort to not be completely lazy this weekend, I will at least give a little hello to all of you!

Yesterday was completely least for us. We did nothing. Jason commented on how nice this nothing was....we caught up on some laundry, cleaned up the house, watched movies, slept....and then ran to the store for some nightlights and bread....11 loaves for $4!!!...and smoothie mix. I am so thankful we live 1/2 sec from the store. I don't know how you country people do it!

On the nightlights....Cameron decided about 6 months ago, that he HAD to sleep with a hall or bath light on. Really annoying. Especially since if you shut it off he would wake in the middle of the night and turn on his room light (Gavin loved that!) or crawl in bed with us (annoying!) It got to be that the only light he wanted on was the bath light....the new bath light....the one with energy efficient/mega bright bulbs. So after much procrastination, we decided that last night would be the perfect time to get a new nightlight for their rooms. It is very dark in there still, but somehow the nightlight seemed to work. Ah....darkness! We'll see if this last.

We have a busy week ahead. I will try not to ignore you :)