Monday, March 16, 2009


After much anticipation, I finally got my car back today. See, I was rear ended last month. Everyone was fine, but the van needed some repair. It was inconvenient, yes, but I was very thankful that no one got hurt and the damage was contained to the rear of the van. ( I am sure I have already shared this :) Switching the car seats out wasn't much fun and the rental van had some annoying kinks. Turns out, when we picked up the car today, they made a mess of the interior of my van with their dirty shoes (which it was messy to start with....but size 12 shoe marks all over the rear seats and floor aren't from my kids) then as I was putting the stroller away I noticed that the paint is already starting to peel on the new hatch....ugh. It was a aftermarket hatch(I have an '02 which I guess is considered ancient to insurance companies) I am ok with that, but don't give me something worse than what I had. They also didn't put this plastic piece on right and it just pulls off. Plus, my rear hatch ajar light still is on. wouldn't think there would be that much stuff wrong. I hope that all this is fixed right this time.

In other news, it was gorgeous out today and my flowers are starting to bloom. Yeah! We played outside lots today. Afterall, I had a car to clean after those dirty men.

We also babysat for our date night tonight. The kids had a blast in the yard (and mud) and we even got to take them for a walk around the block. On guy stop, stared, counted...and said "wow, seven?" Haha. They are very close in ages, so it would be possible with twins or a set of triplets, but I think we would have stopped long before seven. We wore then out and they all crashed in bed with no complaints tonight. Gotta love the warmer weather. Bring on the 90's!!!! I have some pictures from the last few days, but my camera batteries are charging. I have a photo shoot tomorrow that I am super excited about. I hope to share some photographs tomorrow pending they turn out as I hope!

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