Thursday, July 31, 2008


Gavin is now 6 years old and is starting 1st grade in 19 days!!! Yes. we know because we are counting. I am ready for a little break. If you ask him, "not really, but it's ok." I love his school and his teacher this year is awesome, so we are looking forward to new adventures and all the new stuff he'll learn.

With his new best girl:

Still looks like his daddy:

Speaking of school, I don't think I have ever shared pics of his graduation. Quite cute if you ask me. They had a great program showing off all the things they learned this year. I love his school, have I mentioned that already?!?
Gavin has learned to ride his bike without training wheels. A feat overcome only because a certain "girl" he knows, that is younger by the way, could do it. Positive peer pressure is wonderful. He had so much fun playing t-ball this year too. Not that a two week hiatus helped or was a nice break. The rain on the other hand....every day...not so much.

Notice in most of these pics, he isn't looking my way. That would be because if he is, he is making some goof off face.

Gavin's creativity, the one things he did get from me, besides my bad attitude/temper, is showing up more and more. I love that he like to "create" things from scraps of odd things to make something beautiful. He is frequently setting up "scenarios" and such for Cameron and Nolan and then gets mad when they wreck them (go figure!)

Setting up a pit stop for walkers in the neighborhood. He tried to charge a fee, but that didn't fly :)

Thanks uncle Jake for the b-day present. Just what I need, a tattoo artist for a son. Check this out: momma was NOT home at the time. I don't necessarily agree with this pic, but it is funny. Thanks Andrew for the cool pirate costume :) For his birthday last month, we threw him a small party with some friends of his and their families. We kept it small (mainly because these friends have siblings...many siblings :) I think they had a great time and Gavin enjoyed his presents (because to him it seems like that is all that a party would be for...hello?!) and the yummy chocolate cupcakes.

His actual birthday was the next day. It was Sunday, so the morning was spent in church and then we went to a Japanese steakhouse for lunch (yum!) Gavin thought that was pretty cool. Jason took him fishing during nap time and then it was chuck e cheese for dinner (big surprise, I know). He said it was his best birthday yet! Gavin loves to try new things and is rarely afraid of anything...makes a momma a little nervous, ya know??

Getting a little wet in the dunk tank at my brothers graduation party. He had a blast dunking the cousins and getting dunked!

Mom: "what do you love"

Gavin: "ugh...(big smile)...


*my dog

Mom: "what else"
Gavin: "uhh...mmmm.....I don't know"
Mom: "what you like to do"
Gavin: (laughing)

*play with the neighbor kids
*call people on the telephone (?!?)
*talk to bunny rabbits (???)

Mom: "let's be serious, this is for the blog"
Gavin: "no, no it's not, let's be silly"
Mom: "GAVIN"
Gavin: "ok..."


Mom: favorite food
Gavin: all I like is blueberries (probably because that is what he ate last)

Mom: more

*I really like to play with my friend Micah
*looking out my window at bedtime

Dislikes (per Gavin):
*hot sauce

Next: what about the folks??? What WE have been up too lately!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy 100th post!!!

Wow! I can't believe that it has been 100 and I still have readers. Thanks for checking in on us.

Makes me feel loved :)

I am working on Gavin's post, but wanted to share some before and afters with you. Who doesn't like a good one??

All these are done with photoshop elements 6.0


Don't worry...I don't do this to all the pics that I take. A lot of the time I like the leave the color as is in the original. Just thought I would share some of the cool things that is possible after you take an ok shot.....

p.s. Laina, I am sure that you are laughing at my amature work....maybe you can come down here one weekend and give me some pointers :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Photo cards

I have updated my photocard blog. If you are interested in taking a peek, hop on over to:

I am looking to start getting a little more work. So if you or someone you know is interested in some customized work, shoot me an email.

I know, I know...shameless plug :)


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cam the man

Cameron is now almost 2 1/2 years old! Some people say, that out of all the kids, he looks the most like me...what do you think?
He is really starting to talk! I can actually carry a conversation with him. I really thought that he wouldn't speak, EVER. Now he won't stop. He is so much fun at this a little sponge. He is learning to count to 10 and can name most of his colors. He so desperately wants to do everything that Gavin does. It creates quite the parenting challenge. I love that you enjoys playing with his brother, but Gavin wants his independence sometimes. Cameron cries when Gavin plays across the street and he can't play too.

He loves to pick on Nolan, though. Poor guy. He wants Gavin to share with him, but hates to share with "baby"Still in love with that big ol' blankie. He chews on it and that thing even reeks after a good washing. Here is him and Gavin playing dress up.
Still obsessed with mowing the lawn. It's so cute to watch him and Jason, he does everything just as Jason does. Even when Jason isn't out there, he is pushing his mower up and down the lawn in nearly perfect rows. Our church had it's annual picnic a few weekends ago. It was the best weather we've ever had! It was hot, but not humid. Cameron loved the ponies. They had lots of games and jumpy things for the kids. He slept great that night!
Loves to:
*play outside
*help water my flowers
*animals of any kind
*checking blogs with me because he loves all the diff. music
*candy, especially suckers
*destroying whatever Gavin has meticulously built
*swinging (he loves to climb into our baby swing and them he gets stuck :)
*repeating everything that Gavin says, mostly in the car. I find it humorous, Gavin..not so much
*taking showers
*singing songs
*going bye-bye
*riding in the baby hawk

*being told no
*not being allowed to walk in the store
*not being allowed to "help"
*Nolan touching anything within 2 feet of him

Next up: Gavin

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nolan: 10 months

I am so behind.....

I have a garage sale on Saturday and a party for Gavin.
Neither I am really prepared for.
I did manage go shopping and spent alot of time with the kids this morning/afternoon. They are resting peacefully while I SHOULD be making dinner. Instead I bring you these:
Nolan weighs 22 lbs 13 oz. He thinks he is a big boy now. Kicked the nursing and is into everything. He pulls himself up to stand and likes to follow you around. This is what he used to do before you started to crawl. He now has 9 teeth, but he has had these for sometime. In fact, he has been a little more fussy lately and I think he may be getting another few. He had a bout with ear infections a few weeks ago and they had to put him on the antibiotic shot...ouch :( He is doing better now, but one more and he is getting tubes (mom says so). He is quite the drool monster. I think I probably change his shirt at least once because it gets so wet.
He's a huge eater. Loves everything except green vegetables. I can get him to eat them only by trickery. Manages to out eat his brothers most meals. Hence all the food pics. AND there are way more where that came from.Still is a spitting image of his dadda.
He loves to:

*destroy anything (forts his brothers make, toilet paper on the roll, you get the idea)
*ride in the stroller (at least at first)
*banging things together
*be held (this is a life-saver)
*cuddling instead of sleeping
*free cookies at Target
*his rattle bug (he giggles every time and we have no idea why)
*kisses from Sophie (oh, who's Sophie you ask? well, that for another day!!)

*waiting to be fed (go figure!)
*being pushed around by his brothers or not being allowed to play with them (ha!)
*sitting in the grass

Next up: Cam the Man

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I'm baccccckkkkkk!

Well sorta. I FINALLY have Internet. Seems like I have something that causes all electronics to break within a 5 foot radius. Seriously, ask the Man. He'll tell ya it's true.

We are still having technical difficulties around here, but we have Internet OR phone and I am choosing you, feel privileged.

We have been busy busy this summer with lots of trips to the park, some pool days, and lots of time in the yard. Our front landscaping is done and so is a little (or should I say big) furniture refinishing project. On a side note: Now we are working on the garage, which is a HUGE job. It needs organization in a bad way and is screaming for a new paint job. I would love something bold, but I am not sold on the idea. Our house is light gray with dark gray shutters. Our door is bright red, so I was thinking a red would look good, but now I am leaning towards something more neutral. If you have any input, let me know!!

I have so many pictures to share and things to say....

Let see. Gavin is turning 6 in just a few weeks. He just finished t-ball for the year. He has befriended the neighbor kids and in the process I feel like I now have 6 kids! They play together a lot, but actually they are really sweet and Gavin thinks they are fun to play with.

Cameron is on the verge of potty training. He goes sometimes and other times not so much. I think we are going to kick it up a notch in the next few days and see what happens. Besides that, he is talking like crazy and is obsessed with lawn mowers and tractors (typical, I know). So much so, that he points them out everywhere and is constantly nagging Jason to mow our lawn.

Nolan is everywhere and into everything!!! He is even pulling himself up to stand but not trying to take steps...yet. Poor guy had a nasty, never-ending ear infection that lasted forever. We are now happily over it, and life is now more enjoyable.

Jason has the rest of the week off. So we will be lazily laying around doing nothing...or not! We'll see how well that blows over.

Well, looks like the kiddos are whining and dinner needs to be made...shees.

I will update again to come :)