Thursday, July 31, 2008


Gavin is now 6 years old and is starting 1st grade in 19 days!!! Yes. we know because we are counting. I am ready for a little break. If you ask him, "not really, but it's ok." I love his school and his teacher this year is awesome, so we are looking forward to new adventures and all the new stuff he'll learn.

With his new best girl:

Still looks like his daddy:

Speaking of school, I don't think I have ever shared pics of his graduation. Quite cute if you ask me. They had a great program showing off all the things they learned this year. I love his school, have I mentioned that already?!?
Gavin has learned to ride his bike without training wheels. A feat overcome only because a certain "girl" he knows, that is younger by the way, could do it. Positive peer pressure is wonderful. He had so much fun playing t-ball this year too. Not that a two week hiatus helped or was a nice break. The rain on the other hand....every day...not so much.

Notice in most of these pics, he isn't looking my way. That would be because if he is, he is making some goof off face.

Gavin's creativity, the one things he did get from me, besides my bad attitude/temper, is showing up more and more. I love that he like to "create" things from scraps of odd things to make something beautiful. He is frequently setting up "scenarios" and such for Cameron and Nolan and then gets mad when they wreck them (go figure!)

Setting up a pit stop for walkers in the neighborhood. He tried to charge a fee, but that didn't fly :)

Thanks uncle Jake for the b-day present. Just what I need, a tattoo artist for a son. Check this out: momma was NOT home at the time. I don't necessarily agree with this pic, but it is funny. Thanks Andrew for the cool pirate costume :) For his birthday last month, we threw him a small party with some friends of his and their families. We kept it small (mainly because these friends have siblings...many siblings :) I think they had a great time and Gavin enjoyed his presents (because to him it seems like that is all that a party would be for...hello?!) and the yummy chocolate cupcakes.

His actual birthday was the next day. It was Sunday, so the morning was spent in church and then we went to a Japanese steakhouse for lunch (yum!) Gavin thought that was pretty cool. Jason took him fishing during nap time and then it was chuck e cheese for dinner (big surprise, I know). He said it was his best birthday yet! Gavin loves to try new things and is rarely afraid of anything...makes a momma a little nervous, ya know??

Getting a little wet in the dunk tank at my brothers graduation party. He had a blast dunking the cousins and getting dunked!

Mom: "what do you love"

Gavin: "ugh...(big smile)...


*my dog

Mom: "what else"
Gavin: "uhh...mmmm.....I don't know"
Mom: "what you like to do"
Gavin: (laughing)

*play with the neighbor kids
*call people on the telephone (?!?)
*talk to bunny rabbits (???)

Mom: "let's be serious, this is for the blog"
Gavin: "no, no it's not, let's be silly"
Mom: "GAVIN"
Gavin: "ok..."


Mom: favorite food
Gavin: all I like is blueberries (probably because that is what he ate last)

Mom: more

*I really like to play with my friend Micah
*looking out my window at bedtime

Dislikes (per Gavin):
*hot sauce

Next: what about the folks??? What WE have been up too lately!


Jake said...

hey little sis mom told me to check out your blog and i have to say nicely done.very cute.I guess i will have to check this out more often because it seems like you update it pretty often.well i dont really have much to say except i love you all and maybe stay in contact a little more.I just got a laptop so i pretty much have the internet all the time now.take care.

karen Helmer said...

I can't believe he's 6 years old already! Where did the time go??

her mom said...

hey, i can not believe jake found you!! this is so great! jesse and jake want to be room mates what do you think ?????? i am not sure about this ! jesse is going to I U S B south bend and so far so good!!hello!! HE IS A GREAT KID AS A MOTHER give me advice it"s been along time... you have gotton very good at knowing what it really takes not everyone has the heart and strength to take their past and put it into their future for good reasons that is why you are my daughter that no matter what you are my daughter sorry that you are ashamed of me! but...;. i will always LOVE YOuU&