Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cam the man

Cameron is now almost 2 1/2 years old! Some people say, that out of all the kids, he looks the most like me...what do you think?
He is really starting to talk! I can actually carry a conversation with him. I really thought that he wouldn't speak, EVER. Now he won't stop. He is so much fun at this age...like a little sponge. He is learning to count to 10 and can name most of his colors. He so desperately wants to do everything that Gavin does. It creates quite the parenting challenge. I love that you enjoys playing with his brother, but Gavin wants his independence sometimes. Cameron cries when Gavin plays across the street and he can't play too.

He loves to pick on Nolan, though. Poor guy. He wants Gavin to share with him, but hates to share with "baby"Still in love with that big ol' blankie. He chews on it and that thing even reeks after a good washing. Here is him and Gavin playing dress up.
Still obsessed with mowing the lawn. It's so cute to watch him and Jason, he does everything just as Jason does. Even when Jason isn't out there, he is pushing his mower up and down the lawn in nearly perfect rows. Our church had it's annual picnic a few weekends ago. It was the best weather we've ever had! It was hot, but not humid. Cameron loved the ponies. They had lots of games and jumpy things for the kids. He slept great that night!
Loves to:
*play outside
*help water my flowers
*animals of any kind
*checking blogs with me because he loves all the diff. music
*candy, especially suckers
*destroying whatever Gavin has meticulously built
*swinging (he loves to climb into our baby swing and them he gets stuck :)
*repeating everything that Gavin says, mostly in the car. I find it humorous, Gavin..not so much
*taking showers
*singing songs
*going bye-bye
*riding in the baby hawk

*being told no
*not being allowed to walk in the store
*not being allowed to "help"
*Nolan touching anything within 2 feet of him

Next up: Gavin

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