Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Welcome to our “new” old kitchen


After much persuasion on my part….partly because the task of painting seemed so overwhelming and time consuming to Jason…we finally took the plunge. We painted our oak cabinets black!





The process……

-2. Look at a million different kitchens online for months to make sure that you know exactly what you like…..

-1. Pester Have discussions with your husband until you convince him agree that it’ll look great. (not that I’ve ever seem a single black kitchen in my real life…but still…..)

1. Take off all cabinet doors and dispose of all the yucky brass hardware. BUT save those hinges and spray paint them black. Those suckers are expensive!

2. Sand the surfaces just enough to “rough” it up. Be ready to answer questions from silly neighbors (like, “Are you sure you know what you are doing?” haha. If he only knew…..)

Make sure that you wipe them down with a damp cloth (or tack cloth) to get all the dust off. Sawdust + paint = not coolDSC_0586

3. Go to Home Depot and buy their enamel undercover primer and paint. This stuff is awesome. Have the primer tinted black….or blue….which is how dark they can get it apparently. This stuff is hard as a rock. You can’t scratch the finish off even if your trying.

You can see the upper cabinets have already taken a coat of primer and the lower ones are on their first coat of black.


4. Recruit lots of help in painting. It gets a little boring by yourself.

5. Use a brush to get into the fine corners (a good brush is so worth the investment!) and a foam roller to get a smooth finish. DO NOT go over your paint when it starts to cure (dry). If you realize you made a mistake it’s better to wait and sand it down after it dries.


6. Decide that one project is really not enough. Realize your husband must really love you when he holds his tongue and says, “whatever you want babe”


DSC_13247. Coat all cabinet doors, drawers, and base cabinets with one coat of primer and at least 2 coats of paint. It was most likely three when all was said and done. Give it plenty of time to dry between coats. Spend days looking at open cabinets :)

8. We added bead board and an extra piece of molding to the bottom and sides of the cabinets for some extra flair. I think it makes the kitchen!


9. Hang your doors back on with your newly spray painted hinges. Put on your new bling…um…your hardware.

10. Leave cabinets doors open because your husband insist they may stick if you don’t. Leave them open until you can no longer handle looking at your messy cabinets.

11. Enjoy your “new” old kitchen!



Paint and supplies: $45

New cabinet hardware: $60

Beadboard and trim: $30

New look = $135

What do you think?? Love the black or missing the oak?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Beach Photos 2009

I really wanted to shoot on the beach while we were on Hilton Head Island.  It’s been since last fall that I got some decent shots of all the kids formally together.  Here is what became of our little photoshoot.  The family pics were taken bt tripod and a few by random passerby’s (they must have felt sorry for us?!).  The ones of me and Jason were taken by Gavin.  Just another examples of the wonders that editing can make :)  Enjoy!Hilton head 196a Hilton head 131a  Hilton head 231a Hilton head 090a Hilton head 188a4GB card 265a 4GB card 191a Hilton head 170a 4GB card 205a 4GB card 206a 4GB card 224a 4GB card 228a 4GB card 241a 4GB card 264a  Hilton head 102a Hilton head 114b Hilton head 153a Hilton head 156a  Hilton head 178a

Friday, August 07, 2009

Hilton Head 2009

It looks like this is the best it’s going to get. Here are our vacation pics in all their unedited glory....Enjoy!

4GB card 082 4GB card 020

Hilton head 0054GB card 023 4GB card 042 4GB card 084Hilton head 253 Hilton head 064Hilton head 058Hilton head 304 4GB card 087 4GB card 0964GB card 099 4GB card 107 Hilton head 045Hilton head 044Hilton head 036Hilton head 024Hilton head 0194GB card 120 Hilton head 3084GB card 1164GB card 125 4GB card 128 4GB card 130 4GB card 136 4GB card 140 4GB card 1414GB card 146 4GB card 142 Hilton head 247 4GB card 003 4GB card 006 4GB card 010 4GB card 072 4GB card 076 4GB card 077 4GB card 078 4GB card 103 Hilton head 242 Hilton head 275

Hilton head 279 Hilton head 340Hilton head 341 4GB card 291 4GB card 292 4GB card 294 4GB card 308 4GB card 310 4GB card 311 4GB card 312 Hilton head 011 Hilton head 027 Hilton head 028 Hilton head 288 Hilton head 294a Hilton head 315 Hilton head 331 Hilton head 335Hilton head 323

10 days of pure bliss. I could be on vacation all the time :) We can’t wait to go back!

Up next: family photos on the beach