Friday, August 14, 2009

Beach Photos 2009

I really wanted to shoot on the beach while we were on Hilton Head Island.  It’s been since last fall that I got some decent shots of all the kids formally together.  Here is what became of our little photoshoot.  The family pics were taken bt tripod and a few by random passerby’s (they must have felt sorry for us?!).  The ones of me and Jason were taken by Gavin.  Just another examples of the wonders that editing can make :)  Enjoy!Hilton head 196a Hilton head 131a  Hilton head 231a Hilton head 090a Hilton head 188a4GB card 265a 4GB card 191a Hilton head 170a 4GB card 205a 4GB card 206a 4GB card 224a 4GB card 228a 4GB card 241a 4GB card 264a  Hilton head 102a Hilton head 114b Hilton head 153a Hilton head 156a  Hilton head 178a


Anonymous said...

Looking good! Really like your beach pics. Very impressive, keep up the good work!

The Baker Family said...

Great pictures!! Looks like lots of fun! I need to get our little family for a photo shoot.... it is like pulling teeth!!