Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It's time to celebrate

Hey it's me, Cameron. Hope that everyone that came to my party had a fun time! I did! It was so nice to see my family and have everyone here to spoil me. Thank you to all of you that made the trip and shared my first birthday with me. I love you all. Here are some picture of me from my party to help you remember how funny I am.

Whoa! What's this? AND what is that shiny thing on the top of it?? Everyone is singing some crazy song...what, I think I heard my name? What is going on????

These people really are crazy. This is all mine? I really want to dig in. Guess I'll just take little bites and see if anyone stops me!

Haha! Everyone was laughing so I ate it! I ate it all! Hope no one wanted any....oh wait, there is some in my hair that I am willing to share....

After my bath (second of that day, yes!) My mommy and daddy let me open all these fun gifts. My favorite of the day is the cool roller coaster from my Grammie and Grandpa Narkawicz and my Uncle Jake, Aunt Angie, Uncle Sean and families. The problem is, mommy made me share which made me mad. Oh well...when they all leave it's all mine. ALL MINE! Plus, I have all these other really cool gifts that I still haven't played with yet. Hope mom doesn't make me share those with Gavin...

Thanks again to everyone who made my day special. I was so tired from all the excitement that I took a LONG nap after everyone left. It was such a fun day.

I love you,
Cameron Michael

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday Cameron!!!!

It's your first birthday, baby,
One candle on your cake;
Proud parents stare in wonder
At each new move you make.
We join in celebration,
As this special date arrives,
For baby has brought pleasure
Into all our lives.
We look forward now to seeing
How you progress and grow,
From the cute and tiny infant
You were one year ago.
So dig into your icing;
Enjoy your presents, too.
The reason for this day
Is a special person--you!
-Joanna Fuchs

Cameron we love you so much and are so thankful for the joy you have brought to our family! Happy Birthday sweet pea!!!

Born 6:02 am 7lbs 7 1/2 ounces

Today: one loveable one year old

(who can resist those chubby cheeks !?!)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


The Lafayette area experienced our first blizzard yesterday for the first time since 1978. We got 17 inches on top of the 3 we already had! The wind was the worst part, with snow drifts around town reaching 8 feet! We have some in our yard that are probably over my head. Just so you know, I won't be out there to find out! We have some amazing neighbors that we kind enough to use their snow blowers on our sidewalk and up the driveway. Unfortunately, Jason had no excuse not to go to work then. Our street still isn't plowed, though, and who knows how long it'll be before they do.

Cameron and Gavin have been stuck inside because of the weather since Sunday, but have been doing really well finding creative things to do. Gavin had been really big into his "crafts" lately and continues to amaze us with his artistic ability. He created a 3-D cow the other day using paper, scissors, and glue. It stood up by itself and everything. I don't know if I could have done it better myself...and he's only 4.

Cameron is walking more and more everyday and can walk across the room when coaxed. Its pretty amazing considering he was no where near walking just a few weeks ago. He LOVES to push things around and every now and then, you will hear a chair in the kitchen moving across the floor or walk into a room and find some large object (with or without wheels) moved across the room!

Well, that's all thats new here. Hope you all have a wonderful V-day. If it will be anything like ours, we will be cuddling up in the warm house and staying away from the monstrous piles of snow outside!

Love ya,

Monday, February 05, 2007

It's cold outside!

Brrrrr...it has been so cold here lately. I heard that it is down to -20 with the wind chill today!?! Needless to say, we are stuck inside till further notice. I hate being cold! Gavin is wishing for snow, but at these temps, even if we get some, he won't be able to play outside long.

We got Cameron's first b-day pictures taken last Friday. He did ok, but was easily distracted. All he really wanted to do was crawl away and explore the store. Of course I ended up purchasing way too many...they did get some cute shots.

Speaking of Cameron, this weekend, he decided to take a few steps. He is getting really brave and will be walking before we know it...so scary...with walking comes independence and mommy isn't ready to give up her baby just yet!

Our church puts on an annual biblical training conference starting next week and we have the privilege of housing a pastor from Ohio at our home for the week. We are looking forward to this unique outreach opportunity, but pray that our kids behave and stay quiet at night so that he can get some sleep. There are more than 1400 people, from 40 states and numerous countries coming, so pray that God will help our church family pull off this amazing event! It is so exciting to see how our church can effect so many lives!

Well, I can see that I am probably overwhelming you with all the excitement in our lives. So until next time...

Love ya all!