Monday, July 30, 2007

Finally! I couldn't seem to get a picture to post FOREVER! Here is one of Gavin's b-day. Enjoy :)

We are all doing well. Our BIG garage sale is this weekend so its going to be busy trying to get stuff ready. Kitchen is DONE except for a few things on the wall. Jason did an amazing job. Thanks to Dad for helping on Friday night too! The baby's nursery is coming along. Paint is up and chair rail is bought. Hope to have that finished soon too...less than 5 weeks to go!!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Happy 5th b-day Gavin!!!!!!!!!!!

Last Friday we celebrated Gavin's 5th birthday! Time has really flown by and it is hard to believe that he will be starting school in about a month. We went to garage sales in the morning (shocking, I know) and met daddy for lunch. We went to Fridays to eat and Gavin thought he was really special when they sang him "Happy Birthday" and gave him a sundae. He couldn't believe they knew it was his birthday...hehe.

We let him decide what he wanted to do with the rest of the day, so it was Chucke E Cheese and a movie with 2 of his friends. The boys were really great and I think that they all had a great time sharing Gavin's day. One of them got to stay the night, too, so the fun carried over the next day. After staying up late, it was up at 6:30 am! By 9 am they were in the yard with the squirt guns!

I would love to post pics of the day....but for some reason blogger has not allowed me for the last few days :( I will try again soon-J

Monday, July 09, 2007

Baby update!

#1: 15 weeks

#2: 20 weeks

#3: 31 weeks

I can hardly believe that I am already 32 weeks into this pregnancy! It was been flying by and as the date gets closer, I find myself wondering if I am really ready for this! The heat, thankfully, has not been an issue and I actually find it nice to get outside at least once a day with the boys. I really like being pregnant and try to enjoy these months before all the work begins!
The baby is moving around like crazy now, and I am at the stage when you can see my belly bulge when he does. Gavin loves to feel it and tries to decide what body part it is. Cameron still thinks its funny to push in my belly button but the bigger I get, the more it hurts. Poor little brother, he probably has been beaten up a time or two in the womb.
Still no "official" name yet! We are still discussing it...whatever that means. Here are a few that I like, some have already been vetoed, though:
Aiden, Carson, Griffin, Nolan....we also like William for a middle name. I am sure that list will change as the time gets nearer.
We are 1/3 of the way through laying our floors in the kitchen. Once that is done, we are starting on either the boy's room or the nursery. Here is a pic of the nursery set we purchased:

I got a great deal on it at a baby sale back in April. We are planning on using the same nursery furniture as the other boys so a little rearranging will be necessary. The walls in the nursery are going to be a dark brown on the bottom and a sage green on top...with a white chair rail in the middle. I can't wait to start to pull it all together! I'm not one to really want a "theme" so I think I am going try to keep airplane accessories to a minimum so that I can change out the room easily if I want to in a year or two.
Well, I think that it all the baby news for now. Luv ya, Jaime

Friday, July 06, 2007

Happy 4th!

I hope you took time out on Wednesday to think about what the 4th of July really means. Being a past military family, and having Jason's brother over seas makes this holiday all the more personal. I find myself complaining about the little things in life and so often forget how good I really have it. A loving God, my family, a home, wonderful friends. I mean, just think about those who are less fortunate to live in a free society. Afraid to take your children to the park, say what you think, or go to the market to get food? Even those that are less fortunate in America have it better than in MANY countries. Never forget the sacrifices that are being paid for us to continue our own selfish way of living.

Ok, so I know that I am a few days behind. But I just wanted to share some of the things that we did the last few days. On Sunday (the 1st), our church held its annual community picnic. It is alot of fun...especially for the kids! They rode ponies, bounced in the jumpy things, played games, and rode on a hayride. Best of all, it was a great outreach for those in the community. The most exciting event of the day, though, was the grand opening of the community center. It seems like yesterday that we were breaking ground. Praise God for the opportunities it will give to help serve those in Lafayette. Check out the website to see what there is to do there...if you live here, you should definitely think about a membership!
On the 4th, we finished painting the kitchen (yeah!) and had a cookout at our friends house. It was so muggy and hot; but as the evening wore on, it cooled off and we headed to Purdue for the fireworks. Cameron and Gavin both really enjoyed them! Here are some shots that I caught:

Oh, and just a cute pic that I thought I'd share :) Have a good weekend. Jaime

Monday, July 02, 2007

And they too lived happily ever after....

Jessica's wedding reception was on Saturday in Mishawaka. Because she was married in Key Largo, it was a really nice way to celebrate with all those who could not attend. It was a luau so everyone wore festive Hawaiian gear and leis.

As I said before, my digital camera broke the morning of the wedding, so these pictures are ones that I got from others.

This was our beach at the hotel. The Jetta that they were married on is just like the one with the chairs on it. It is just out of view of this photo....gorgeous isn't it???

The can hardly tell I have a huge bump under that dress. At least not from this angle...
The skies cleared just in time for the ceremony. It ended up being a perfect evening for a wedding.

Here are pictures that I took at the reception last Saturday...

This is the, huh? Very original and very yummy :)

Jessica and Ryan dancing dance as husband and wife??

Jessica and Gavin are buddies. It did take him about an hour to realize that was her...apparently, the pretty dress and the hair pulled back threw him off.

All dressed up in our Hawaiian best.

How much cuter can you get???

And they lived happily ever after....

Just some of the more than 300+ pictures I took on Laina's wedding day! I have to say, they (the new Mrs and Mr) are so cute :) Since she works at a photo studio, I knew her pics would be good, but I think that they are going to be amazing!!!
Here with the girls...the dresses were such a beautiful color and everyone looked so pretty.
One of my favorite pictures that I took! If you don't have a good editing program, try downloading Picasa from is so easy to use and gives great results.
My family...
Thanks Jason for being such a wonderful daddy and husband! You did a great job taking care of the boys and chasing them around all night!
These next few are the final shots of the night...Laina, Nick, and 2 of the wedding party actually ran through the sprinklers. Nick and Laina's second date involved a sprinkler it was actually quite fitting.

Happiness is...

Mommy turning on the hose and letting us go to town!