Monday, July 02, 2007

And they too lived happily ever after....

Jessica's wedding reception was on Saturday in Mishawaka. Because she was married in Key Largo, it was a really nice way to celebrate with all those who could not attend. It was a luau so everyone wore festive Hawaiian gear and leis.

As I said before, my digital camera broke the morning of the wedding, so these pictures are ones that I got from others.

This was our beach at the hotel. The Jetta that they were married on is just like the one with the chairs on it. It is just out of view of this photo....gorgeous isn't it???

The can hardly tell I have a huge bump under that dress. At least not from this angle...
The skies cleared just in time for the ceremony. It ended up being a perfect evening for a wedding.

Here are pictures that I took at the reception last Saturday...

This is the, huh? Very original and very yummy :)

Jessica and Ryan dancing dance as husband and wife??

Jessica and Gavin are buddies. It did take him about an hour to realize that was her...apparently, the pretty dress and the hair pulled back threw him off.

All dressed up in our Hawaiian best.

How much cuter can you get???

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