Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Today I learned about gardening with your kids at MOPS. I think I might try my hand at it come spring. It sounds like so much fun now...being outside...where its warm...and sunny. I think I have cabin fever. I already have 'another' little project brewing before then; that has to do with spring...

Jason has to remind me...we are in the mist of a project now...we have to finish it before we start a new one...darn it.

To all my out-of-town family and friends....We are planning on having Cameron's birthday party on February 21st. He's super excited about his birthday party this year. Ask him!

I feel so random tonight. Hopefully I can get it together tomorrow. Maybe I'll get some pics on here soon too.


Monday, January 26, 2009


It's Monday...blah. On the bright side, I am still in my pj's, the kids are napping, and it looks like we are on the tail end of a nasty virus.

Cameron got it on Thursday, seemed to be over it by Friday. We left for the MI water park to meet up with my sister and brothers. On the way, Cameron surprised us...again. But after a good night sleep, he was definitely better.

Saturday was great. The water was warm, the park was just the right size, and it was so much fun to be with everyone. The kids had a blast and even the adults enjoyed it all. It was at least 12:30am before we were all up in our own rooms top sleep. I don't think I have laughed that hard in a long time :)

Nolan did seem to have some sort of reaction to the water on Saturday night. His skin was very dry, red, and prickly looking. You could tell it was bothering him, because he would whine if you tried to touch him. I guess I never thought to be cautious of his time in the water. But those chemicals are probably not the best mix with baby skin like his. Luckily, he went to sleep fine...but....

...sometime early the next morning, Nolan's belly started to feel bad. He won't eat breakfast and within an hour or so of waking, was fevering and getting sick. Poor guy. I was really worried about him. He was so lethargic and sad looking. It broke my heart. Thankfully, the car ride home was uneventful. He even managed to get some lunch in. He slept most of the way home. Last night he was still a little sick. Today was better, besides being sleepy (and a little cranky) he is acting and eating like himself again. Hopefully this ends our little bout of illness for a while.

We don't have big plans for this week. I have tons of laundry to conquer, clothes to unpack, counters to clean, and little boys to plan with. We are in the mist of a large project with the nursery ministry, so hopefully I can tie up a few loose ends there this week too.

Hope you all enjoy the start of another great week.


Thursday, January 22, 2009


Cameron woke up from his nap today complaining that his stomach hurt. We were on our way out the door, so I guess it kinda got shuffled under the rug.

We ran some errands and ended up on the west side at the bookstore on campus. Stealing lots of those great coupon books that they give out twice a year :) Then it happens. I am sure you know....

Don't worry, the mommy in me kicked into high gear at the first little gag.

I caught it with my hand.


I hope those college kids didn't notice, I probably scarred them for life. I then shoved 800 books into my bag. I was already mortified, so it was just a little icing on the cake.

It's all good now, I think. I think he may have gotten ahold of some peanuts yesterday, because the other end ain't so pretty either.

You still with me???

The good thing is that I have to work tonight. So, Jason gets to deal with it if it wasn't an isolated incident.

We're also leaving tomorrow for our little adventure that has been in the works since November....


Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Happy Tuesday! Jason had yesterday off work, so I took the opportunity to feel like I was on vacation too. Lots of playing and lounging around ensued. I love it when we have no where to be!

We did venture out last night to celebrate the day. You know..our anniversary. Just a low key dinner and some great conversation. It's amazing the things you can talk about when little voices aren't present. Jason even wrote me the sweetest letter. I love it when he surprises me with stuff like that.

The bathroom remodeling is still trucking along. I am not sure when it will be done. We'll just aim for spring :) Actually, Jason worked on it for about an hour yesterday and make huge headway...just enough till the kids needed quiet to sleep. I'm getting used to getting ready among paint brushes, nails, and sawdust :) It's looking so good, can't wait to share.

Nolan has his three month check up in Indy tomorrow from his surgery back in October. I'm sure it'll be a quick 3 minute check after driving 2 hours and spending who knows how long in the waiting room. Hopefully, the kids will do ok during the trek...I think I am going to do it alone...eek.

Besides that, everything else is going well. Everyone is defrosting from the sub-zero temps and waiting anxiously for nice enough weather to play outside. We are planning a big trip to an indoor water park next weekend, so the kids are countin' down the days. I am excited to spend some time with family that I definitely don't get to see as much as I'd like.


Sunday, January 18, 2009


It's almost 6 years to the minute. January 18, 2003. 6 years ago we devoted our lives to eachother. Pledging to love and to cherish, honor and respect and forever stand by one another.

I am sure that anyone that has been married for any significant amount of time can attest...it seems so short, but yet you can't remember what life was like 'before'.

Back to February 14th, 2002. I, a recent high school graduate. Jason, a sophomore at Purdue. Us, expecting parents. He proposed that night. "Let's get married before the baby gets here." he asked. Me...I wanted more. I was selfish, yes, but I wanted the dress, the ceremony, the party. I couldn't have all that then. So, we waited.

Flash forward 7 months. A 4 month old baby. Me in a new town. A new semester at school...my first. It was all such a blur then. Sleepless nights, lots of homework, many adjustments. We started talking about church and God and what the 'right' thing to was.

Looking back, I can see how God worked so wonderfully in those days. Taking us here and there. Gently guiding us along life's path...protecting both of us until part of His plan could be realized. So many things Could have gone so differently.

It was His plan to bring us to Faith Baptist that day in October.

It was His plan to have the perfect couple intercept us at the door to greet us so lovingly.

It was His plan to lay out the sermons in the weeks proceeding.

I don't remember it all. I actually don't remember much of it. But, the love of Christ that shone through those people will never be forgotten. It was them that helped show us the way. Show us the sin that we lived in. Showed us that TRUTH was so simple, nothing we did could earn us this free gift.

After accepting Christ that November day. I wish I could say that Christ instantly softened my heart and all my selfishness about marriage and myself instantly melted away. I wish I could even say that I felt something after walking out of church that day. Nothing. God is patient.

In the weeks after, God worked in my heart. Sometime in early December I remember being greatly convicted. How could I choose to live for God and please Him if I was choosing to live my life for myself. After all, if I really believed God was who He said He was, why was I holding back. I was choosing to live apart from His commandments and for no reason other than choosing to live for Him meant giving something up of myself.

I can't say that I ever had this great perception of marriage. There are very few people in my life that have had a lasting marriage. In fact, I never really can say that I viewed marriage as a lasting promise. I never took it seriously because it was a promise between two people. It was always missing the third critical link. Making the promise to God, the creator of marriage.

We set a date. Everything fell perfectly into place in those short 4 weeks. The dress, the flowers, the party. I can't believe how in my little faith, God choose to bless us so abundantly. I am forever grateful to those who made sacrifices for us. Choose to show love to complete strangers.

These last few years have not been easy. God promises that if we follow Him, our path will be made straight. But, there are many peaks and valleys that we must endure together before the end. So many obstacles we have overcome since that snowy day 6 years ago. So many trials, blessings, adventures. I could have never imagine being married to anyone else. God is so good.Photobucket

Friday, January 16, 2009


The day has gotten off to an interesting start. Cameron and Gavin were up bright and early giving eachother grief about this and that. Gavin was even on a hour delay, but still managed to be up and around at the same time. Funny how it takes him forever to get moving when he actually needs to. I have no idea where he gets that from......

They woke Nolan up too. Don't worry, I ignored him because I really want to sleep, even if it's only for 10 more minutes. Things then go quiet because the boys go downstairs with Jason for breakfast.....until he storms in the room and wakes me up with "we have a BIG problem"

Um, ok. I'm up in seconds to find that our kitchen faucet's pipe is frozen. Not cool.

All the other cold water was working, but we have no idea where the main supply gets shut off other than at the meter. (in case the pipe does burst and water come flying out!) A call to the water company tells us that we have to have one of their workers come and do that. Great.

Thankfully, a heating pad on the pipe unfroze it after an hour or so and things are now flowing properly. We're still not sure what were it froze, but it may have frozen from the spicket outside (right on the other side of the wall) and backed up into the kitchen one. We don't think it burst, but who really knows. Hopefully this in the end to that.

As we were 'waiting' it was hard to patient. But, I was reminded that God is still in control. Even of things like our stupid pipes!! I am thankful for the outcome!

My bible study last night went great. We really have an awesome group of girls! I am so excited about all the things I will be learning in the next few weeks!

I am planning on spending the rest of the day checking some things off that LONG to-do list. Hopefully, the boys will take nice long naps so that I can get lots done. Phone calls, especially, are no fun to make when they are awake.

Hope you all have a great weekend. I am excited that it is a 3 day one.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I bet you've just been dying for my 'big' announcement. Some of you have even called to inquire personally...hahaha....

Toys went 75% off at Target. They actually didn't go Wednesday as predicted, but today. Of course, the stuff that I wanted was still only 50%. There is tons at our local store. It's a great time to tuck some things away for birthdays. And yes, that means that I have officially a bad mommy. I dragged my kids out to Target in negative degree weather for a deal :)

I am starting a new women's bible study tonight. I am looking forward to some great learning and changing with the girls (adult converstation is just a plus)!

The weekend is almost here and it looks like it might be exciting. Our 6th (yes, 6th!!!) wedding anniversary is on Sunday and I think we have babysitters for Saturday and Monday...score! I have NO idea if we'll do anything exciting, but it will be nice to spend sometime alone sans kids. I am sure we'll pull out that old video and watch (our skinner)-selves devote our lives to eachother. Maybe I can convince him to rent a tux and I'll get into that dress and we'll go out on the town...hahaha. Wouldn't that be a sight?


Tuesday, January 13, 2009


It's Tuesday. There.is.nothing.going.on.here.

It's snowing, it's negative something or other, and the kids are making a huge mess 'playing'

I guess I'll clean the house today, do laundry and spend some time snuggling up with the kiddos under a warm blanket! Good thing we have lots of books and the the kids love to read.

I can't wait for spring!!!

I work tonight and tomorrow is looking up too. I think it might be the 'big day'...stay tuned to find out what I mean...

I scored big time at the store yesterday. I was looking for a new winter coat for Gavin, but came home with lots of clothes for all of them. Still searching for a coat, though.

14 shirts

5 pairs of pants




Monday, January 12, 2009


It's Spirit week at school this week. Which means that I have to get creative. Today was historical figure day, so we choose Albert Einstein. Funny huh?

Hope you have a great Monday. I think I will be off to the store today in hopes of landing some great clearance deals :)


Saturday, January 10, 2009


Are you still here? I am sorry for not updating sooner. It seems like everything is just plain weird around here lately. The week started off so slow...and then seemed to get away from me. We are knee-deep in potty training. But, it's going well and we have come along way! The remodeling projects continue on and it looks like we may be seeing an end in sight in the next week or so. I am already thinking up new things for new rooms...Jason just rolls his eye and pretends to ignore me :)

We have church tomorrow at 8am! Then it'll be home for naps and it will be Monday before we know it. I hope that you are having a great weekend!


P.S. My last post brought over 300 people to my blog....isn't that insane??

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

2008 Before and After

Rhonda at Southern Hospitality is having a before and after party. Great motivation to share some of this year's favorite transformations. If your visiting, welcome! Let me know what you think!

Garage. Basically no shelving and no organization whatsoever. I am sure that you all can relate :) We got a great deal on these cabinets and even at full price they would have been worth the cost! We can actually find things now. Of course, we had to paint...because well, we just had too. It used to be just drywall. Now it's a great teal color. Sorry, but this is the best before pic I could find. More of a 'in process' picture.

Landscaping. I wish I had pics of the huge bushes that came with our house. I guess I hated them so much that I didn't take any. This spring, we pulled them out and planted flowers. Lots of flowers. No bushes. It looks really dead right now, so bushes would be nice in the winter. But now I have flowers blooming 3 season long. I like the trade off. I AM NOT A GARDNER either. But I can water and give them flower food. I can't wait to see how big I can get them this year.Laundry Room. Not so nice. Not even close. With the new washer and dryer, those ugly doors wouldn't close. What's a girl to do? Paint and be creative with the space. This little cabinets cost $50. Add some black paint and some 0.99 knobs..... And you get this.... I LOVE BLACK SPRAY PAINT + I LOVE GOODWILL = lots of trash to treasure. I think this took 15 minutes and cost about $5.00. I printed the 'welcome home' on some scrap booking paper.

Back in the spring, when the boys got their bunk beds, we searched high and low for a matching dresser. The actual matching one wasn't sold locally, so it was going to be about $800! Not something we were willing to pay. We even went to Indianapolis for a whole day and looked at every second-hand, discount and furniture within a 50 mile radius and came back with nothing that remotely matched within our budget. A good friend, who watched our kids that day, mentioned this beast that was saved from the trash a few months prior. It was in her shed in bad shape, but with oh-s0-much potential. It was our first time at refinishing anything and was relatively easy. I actually really enjoy this piece and with the stain and the glaze, it matches their bed perfectly.

I wonder what those people would think of it now....



I really have nothing of interest to share today. We went on date night last night and although we didn't do anything romantic or exciting, it was nice to just be 'us' for a few hours. I highly recommend doing an official date night with your hubby. We do every Monday and trade kids with another couple. Every Monday is tied up. but we have fun with their kids on their week, our kids love the play dates and we get to go out every other week. It a win-win. (or at least I think? Do you really like my kids as much as you say??) I am sure that theirs a couple you know that would love this opportunity as much as you :)

We were suppose to go out to dinner tonight with some family that was coming to town, but it looks like the roads will be getting bad later, so they are heading out early. Bummer. Not only do we not get to see them, now I have to make dinner...dang.

I working on a great post of tomorrow. Lots of before and afters for a blog party that I am attending. Check back tomorrow to see some of the redos I've done this year.


Monday, January 05, 2009


Jason went back to work this morning....Gavin went to school. Nolan and Cam were both up by 8:30 this morning. I guess life has to get back to normal.

Jason had 12 days off of work, so we spent alot of time getting some things done around here. We're making major strides, the spare room is all put back together! I have reclaimed the hallways, but it looks like this: It's ready to be rolled, but we're waiting for a ladder...because of this monstrocity....

Since we we're painting the bathrooms anyways, we just decided to check off a few 'extra' things we wanted to accomplish too. New mirrors and light fixtures...and hang some beadboard. What an adventure it's been! It's not hard, but hard when you have three lil' ones who want to help. The stuff that needs to be done can only be done during the day.....not during naptime or bedtime because of the noise.

Here's our Master bath...it's a disaster area. The pink is what we are PAINTING OVER...You can see a little bit of the light green in the corner. I also am painting the cabinets in there black. The medicine on is already done, the doors just have to be put back on. The larger cabinets may not happen right away. We'll see how much budget we have left :)

The boy's bathroom...lime green on the walls...yum!

Old light fixtures and mirror is still up in here.

The bead board going up. (by the way, my extremely talented-jack-of-all-trades husband had to not only change all the switches in both bathrooms from off white to white, he also moved them to not interfer with the molding and make the switch more accessible to the kids. He's awesome :) Now on to more exciting stufff....We had a great Christmas. A great mix of traveling to see family and spending time at home.

The boys had matching pj's this year...one of the items that we waited in line for 2 hrs for on Black Friday. So cute, but definetly not worth that wait!
Since we have spent alot of time as home this last week, the kids found some interesting ways to entertain themselves. I had to practically pry it off of him to go to the store.....

We watched lots of movies, and played lots of Wii. Laundry and dishes actually got done too! We played alot...The boys enjoying their new jumpy-thing. They love it and it fits perfectly in the room is you take almost EVERYTHING out. ...hehe.
I know you've just been dying to see these babies...they turned out so cute and the boys actually wear them alot.
I can't believe that it's 2009! I really wanted to offically recap 2008 and look to where we are going in 2009, so stay tuned!