Sunday, January 18, 2009


It's almost 6 years to the minute. January 18, 2003. 6 years ago we devoted our lives to eachother. Pledging to love and to cherish, honor and respect and forever stand by one another.

I am sure that anyone that has been married for any significant amount of time can seems so short, but yet you can't remember what life was like 'before'.

Back to February 14th, 2002. I, a recent high school graduate. Jason, a sophomore at Purdue. Us, expecting parents. He proposed that night. "Let's get married before the baby gets here." he asked. Me...I wanted more. I was selfish, yes, but I wanted the dress, the ceremony, the party. I couldn't have all that then. So, we waited.

Flash forward 7 months. A 4 month old baby. Me in a new town. A new semester at first. It was all such a blur then. Sleepless nights, lots of homework, many adjustments. We started talking about church and God and what the 'right' thing to was.

Looking back, I can see how God worked so wonderfully in those days. Taking us here and there. Gently guiding us along life's path...protecting both of us until part of His plan could be realized. So many things Could have gone so differently.

It was His plan to bring us to Faith Baptist that day in October.

It was His plan to have the perfect couple intercept us at the door to greet us so lovingly.

It was His plan to lay out the sermons in the weeks proceeding.

I don't remember it all. I actually don't remember much of it. But, the love of Christ that shone through those people will never be forgotten. It was them that helped show us the way. Show us the sin that we lived in. Showed us that TRUTH was so simple, nothing we did could earn us this free gift.

After accepting Christ that November day. I wish I could say that Christ instantly softened my heart and all my selfishness about marriage and myself instantly melted away. I wish I could even say that I felt something after walking out of church that day. Nothing. God is patient.

In the weeks after, God worked in my heart. Sometime in early December I remember being greatly convicted. How could I choose to live for God and please Him if I was choosing to live my life for myself. After all, if I really believed God was who He said He was, why was I holding back. I was choosing to live apart from His commandments and for no reason other than choosing to live for Him meant giving something up of myself.

I can't say that I ever had this great perception of marriage. There are very few people in my life that have had a lasting marriage. In fact, I never really can say that I viewed marriage as a lasting promise. I never took it seriously because it was a promise between two people. It was always missing the third critical link. Making the promise to God, the creator of marriage.

We set a date. Everything fell perfectly into place in those short 4 weeks. The dress, the flowers, the party. I can't believe how in my little faith, God choose to bless us so abundantly. I am forever grateful to those who made sacrifices for us. Choose to show love to complete strangers.

These last few years have not been easy. God promises that if we follow Him, our path will be made straight. But, there are many peaks and valleys that we must endure together before the end. So many obstacles we have overcome since that snowy day 6 years ago. So many trials, blessings, adventures. I could have never imagine being married to anyone else. God is so good.Photobucket


It's a beautiful day! said...

Thanks for sharing! It's neat to see how God has changed and is changing people to be like Him:-)

Aunt Rae Ann said...

Just wanted to tell you Happy Anniversary, and I enjoyed reading that. I am so inspired by you and Jason, its amazing so glad you to are a part of my family.