Monday, January 05, 2009


Jason went back to work this morning....Gavin went to school. Nolan and Cam were both up by 8:30 this morning. I guess life has to get back to normal.

Jason had 12 days off of work, so we spent alot of time getting some things done around here. We're making major strides, the spare room is all put back together! I have reclaimed the hallways, but it looks like this: It's ready to be rolled, but we're waiting for a ladder...because of this monstrocity....

Since we we're painting the bathrooms anyways, we just decided to check off a few 'extra' things we wanted to accomplish too. New mirrors and light fixtures...and hang some beadboard. What an adventure it's been! It's not hard, but hard when you have three lil' ones who want to help. The stuff that needs to be done can only be done during the day.....not during naptime or bedtime because of the noise.

Here's our Master's a disaster area. The pink is what we are PAINTING OVER...You can see a little bit of the light green in the corner. I also am painting the cabinets in there black. The medicine on is already done, the doors just have to be put back on. The larger cabinets may not happen right away. We'll see how much budget we have left :)

The boy's bathroom...lime green on the walls...yum!

Old light fixtures and mirror is still up in here.

The bead board going up. (by the way, my extremely talented-jack-of-all-trades husband had to not only change all the switches in both bathrooms from off white to white, he also moved them to not interfer with the molding and make the switch more accessible to the kids. He's awesome :) Now on to more exciting stufff....We had a great Christmas. A great mix of traveling to see family and spending time at home.

The boys had matching pj's this of the items that we waited in line for 2 hrs for on Black Friday. So cute, but definetly not worth that wait!
Since we have spent alot of time as home this last week, the kids found some interesting ways to entertain themselves. I had to practically pry it off of him to go to the store.....

We watched lots of movies, and played lots of Wii. Laundry and dishes actually got done too! We played alot...The boys enjoying their new jumpy-thing. They love it and it fits perfectly in the room is you take almost EVERYTHING out. ...hehe.
I know you've just been dying to see these babies...they turned out so cute and the boys actually wear them alot.
I can't believe that it's 2009! I really wanted to offically recap 2008 and look to where we are going in 2009, so stay tuned!


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Stephen.Rachel.Malachi.Eliza said...

wow...looks like you are in the painting business! you'll have to post pics when it is all done!