Tuesday, January 06, 2009


I really have nothing of interest to share today. We went on date night last night and although we didn't do anything romantic or exciting, it was nice to just be 'us' for a few hours. I highly recommend doing an official date night with your hubby. We do every Monday and trade kids with another couple. Every Monday is tied up. but we have fun with their kids on their week, our kids love the play dates and we get to go out every other week. It a win-win. (or at least I think? Do you really like my kids as much as you say??) I am sure that theirs a couple you know that would love this opportunity as much as you :)

We were suppose to go out to dinner tonight with some family that was coming to town, but it looks like the roads will be getting bad later, so they are heading out early. Bummer. Not only do we not get to see them, now I have to make dinner...dang.

I working on a great post of tomorrow. Lots of before and afters for a blog party that I am attending. Check back tomorrow to see some of the redos I've done this year.


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