Monday, January 26, 2009


It's Monday...blah. On the bright side, I am still in my pj's, the kids are napping, and it looks like we are on the tail end of a nasty virus.

Cameron got it on Thursday, seemed to be over it by Friday. We left for the MI water park to meet up with my sister and brothers. On the way, Cameron surprised us...again. But after a good night sleep, he was definitely better.

Saturday was great. The water was warm, the park was just the right size, and it was so much fun to be with everyone. The kids had a blast and even the adults enjoyed it all. It was at least 12:30am before we were all up in our own rooms top sleep. I don't think I have laughed that hard in a long time :)

Nolan did seem to have some sort of reaction to the water on Saturday night. His skin was very dry, red, and prickly looking. You could tell it was bothering him, because he would whine if you tried to touch him. I guess I never thought to be cautious of his time in the water. But those chemicals are probably not the best mix with baby skin like his. Luckily, he went to sleep fine...but....

...sometime early the next morning, Nolan's belly started to feel bad. He won't eat breakfast and within an hour or so of waking, was fevering and getting sick. Poor guy. I was really worried about him. He was so lethargic and sad looking. It broke my heart. Thankfully, the car ride home was uneventful. He even managed to get some lunch in. He slept most of the way home. Last night he was still a little sick. Today was better, besides being sleepy (and a little cranky) he is acting and eating like himself again. Hopefully this ends our little bout of illness for a while.

We don't have big plans for this week. I have tons of laundry to conquer, clothes to unpack, counters to clean, and little boys to plan with. We are in the mist of a large project with the nursery ministry, so hopefully I can tie up a few loose ends there this week too.

Hope you all enjoy the start of another great week.


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