Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I'm baccccckkkkkk!

Well sorta. I FINALLY have Internet. Seems like I have something that causes all electronics to break within a 5 foot radius. Seriously, ask the Man. He'll tell ya it's true.

We are still having technical difficulties around here, but we have Internet OR phone and I am choosing you, feel privileged.

We have been busy busy this summer with lots of trips to the park, some pool days, and lots of time in the yard. Our front landscaping is done and so is a little (or should I say big) furniture refinishing project. On a side note: Now we are working on the garage, which is a HUGE job. It needs organization in a bad way and is screaming for a new paint job. I would love something bold, but I am not sold on the idea. Our house is light gray with dark gray shutters. Our door is bright red, so I was thinking a red would look good, but now I am leaning towards something more neutral. If you have any input, let me know!!

I have so many pictures to share and things to say....

Let see. Gavin is turning 6 in just a few weeks. He just finished t-ball for the year. He has befriended the neighbor kids and in the process I feel like I now have 6 kids! They play together a lot, but actually they are really sweet and Gavin thinks they are fun to play with.

Cameron is on the verge of potty training. He goes sometimes and other times not so much. I think we are going to kick it up a notch in the next few days and see what happens. Besides that, he is talking like crazy and is obsessed with lawn mowers and tractors (typical, I know). So much so, that he points them out everywhere and is constantly nagging Jason to mow our lawn.

Nolan is everywhere and into everything!!! He is even pulling himself up to stand but not trying to take steps...yet. Poor guy had a nasty, never-ending ear infection that lasted forever. We are now happily over it, and life is now more enjoyable.

Jason has the rest of the week off. So we will be lazily laying around doing nothing...or not! We'll see how well that blows over.

Well, looks like the kiddos are whining and dinner needs to be made...shees.

I will update again soon....pictures to come :)


johnson6 said...

Glad to have you back! Can't wait for pictures.

It's a beautiful day! said...

yipee! I'm glad your back too:-)

The Baker Family said...

Yeah! I was wondering about you! Let me know when it would work to get together!