Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nolan: 10 months

I am so behind.....

I have a garage sale on Saturday and a party for Gavin.
Neither I am really prepared for.
I did manage go shopping and spent alot of time with the kids this morning/afternoon. They are resting peacefully while I SHOULD be making dinner. Instead I bring you these:
Nolan weighs 22 lbs 13 oz. He thinks he is a big boy now. Kicked the nursing and is into everything. He pulls himself up to stand and likes to follow you around. This is what he used to do before you started to crawl. He now has 9 teeth, but he has had these for sometime. In fact, he has been a little more fussy lately and I think he may be getting another few. He had a bout with ear infections a few weeks ago and they had to put him on the antibiotic shot...ouch :( He is doing better now, but one more and he is getting tubes (mom says so). He is quite the drool monster. I think I probably change his shirt at least once because it gets so wet.
He's a huge eater. Loves everything except green vegetables. I can get him to eat them only by trickery. Manages to out eat his brothers most meals. Hence all the food pics. AND there are way more where that came from.Still is a spitting image of his dadda.
He loves to:

*destroy anything (forts his brothers make, toilet paper on the roll, you get the idea)
*ride in the stroller (at least at first)
*banging things together
*be held (this is a life-saver)
*cuddling instead of sleeping
*free cookies at Target
*his rattle bug (he giggles every time and we have no idea why)
*kisses from Sophie (oh, who's Sophie you ask? well, that for another day!!)

*waiting to be fed (go figure!)
*being pushed around by his brothers or not being allowed to play with them (ha!)
*sitting in the grass

Next up: Cam the Man


The Raines Family said...

I LOVE that last picture. What aisle did you find him in at Menards...maybe I should shop there more often!!

The Baker Family said...

Very cute! I can't believe how big he is getting!

the Rinehart family said...

what a fun little guy! glad all is well. wish i could come shop at your garage sale!