Sunday, March 01, 2009


In an effort to not be completely lazy this weekend, I will at least give a little hello to all of you!

Yesterday was completely least for us. We did nothing. Jason commented on how nice this nothing was....we caught up on some laundry, cleaned up the house, watched movies, slept....and then ran to the store for some nightlights and bread....11 loaves for $4!!!...and smoothie mix. I am so thankful we live 1/2 sec from the store. I don't know how you country people do it!

On the nightlights....Cameron decided about 6 months ago, that he HAD to sleep with a hall or bath light on. Really annoying. Especially since if you shut it off he would wake in the middle of the night and turn on his room light (Gavin loved that!) or crawl in bed with us (annoying!) It got to be that the only light he wanted on was the bath light....the new bath light....the one with energy efficient/mega bright bulbs. So after much procrastination, we decided that last night would be the perfect time to get a new nightlight for their rooms. It is very dark in there still, but somehow the nightlight seemed to work. Ah....darkness! We'll see if this last.

We have a busy week ahead. I will try not to ignore you :)


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