Thursday, March 05, 2009


It's been a busy week. I can hardly believe tomorrow is Friday! A good friend of mine is having some health issues and I have been helping her out with her kids.

Another good friend is moving away....sob we had a going away party tonight. It was a great time out with the girls! These are many of my wonderful friends, but there are alot missing too!

I have spend a little too much time at target today. See, I am a coupon magnet, you all know that :) So it just so happens that a went to Target with a friend who just so happened to hear about these great coupons. Of course she shared (thanks Melissa!!) Basically, you just go to their site, click on grocery coupons at the bottom of the main page, and print of some awesome coupons. The kiosk that print gift registries allow you to print in need to use your own paper and ink! Anyways. can you guess who much all these things cost???

8 steaks

2 roast

12 cans of cream soup

11 applesause 6-packs

10 boxes of rice krispy snacks

$40.59 plus I got $10 in gift cards to use for a future purchase!!!

This one might be hard to top.

Now, if you need me tomorrow, you know where you can find me. I will be buying some more steaks!


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Stephen.Rachel Malachi.Eliza said...

Okay...I obviously need some schooling in this coupon business! How did you get so many of one item? Did you have other coupons from the paper?