Sunday, March 08, 2009

Hope you all had a great weekend. Seems like Friday thru Sunday always flies by, but Monday thru Wednesday drags is life, I guess.

We didn't do much of anything again this weekend. I miss the smell of saw dust and wet paint...sigh. I do love spending some quality time with the family, sleeping in, and naps, though :)

We played outside a lot this week. The warm weather was sure a tease. I think it's gonnna get cold again, too. The boys loved playing outside and I loved the fresh air and the change of something a little different.

They seemed to enjoy feeding Sophie grass. Dumb dog ate it...We got a swingset late last summer and the boys never really got a chance to use it. They love the swings. I love that there are 3 of fighting.This happens everything I try to take a pictures of Gavin. Darn kid.
We even look a neighboorhood stroll the other day. Poor Nolan is always left in their dust. He thinks it's fun to chase after them, though.Photobucket

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