Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Weekend in Ohio

We're back from the much anticipated "get-away"...We headed to Cincy last weekend to meet up with Jason's brother/wife/son and dad. It's been almost 2 years since Jason and Josh have seen each other! Josh recently got out of the military and has since moved to Alabama. I have never been there, but now we have a great excuse to go!

We planned a Friday night Cubs vs. Reds game and guess what? It rained! Bummer cause having four kids at the ballpark is not enough stress. They ended up losing. Double bummer.

With Nolan, it was either this:Or this:

On Saturday, we headed to the Creation Museum. If you thought about going....go. It's not the greatest thing to take the kiddo along with, lots of reading and very few 'hands-on' exhibits. We are definitely going back...sans kids. Love this pic I got in the botanical gardens. Next time, I am planning on taking more time to shoot out there.We stayed Saturday night too and ended up checking out one of the local churchs on Sunday. It was...well, it was uninspiring and almost wishy-washy. Too bad too. The theme was serving one another. Hard to imagine messing that one up??

What. What's this. More Cubs pics??? Have you had enough all ready?

See that...we are at the game again on Sunday. Believe me, it wasn't my idea. They lost too. Again. Maybe I did get something out of that service earlier in the day...selflessness, caring more about others happy vs. self...j/k. I ended up working out ok. We got the tickets cheaper than the ones we bought from the Reds a few weeks earlier. Gotta love those scalpers. The weather was gorgeous and there isn't really anything in life that a little cotton candy can't fix. There was a silver lining. After the game, the kids were allowed on the field to run the bases. Well, kids as in anyone with kids with them could run the bases. The boys were excited. How many times do you get to go onto a Major League field?

See this?? A pic with me in it. Too bad each kid has the dumbest expression...guess I can't win them all.


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Stacy, Josh, and Alexander said...

Those pics are really nice. can you email me the one of all of us PLEASE!!! I think you should be a photogrpher. Take care and see you guys soon....