Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy belated party Nolan

Bad mommy just realized she never shared Nolan's b-day party pics. Bad mommy almost didn't even have a b-day party for Nolan. I mean, does a one year old even need a party? The good mommy in me, however, thought better of it, and started planning. And then...things changed. We ended up going up north to celebrate, but we had two parties, which is really twice as fun! It was nice to visit with everyone and eat cake..twice actually. Thanks to all who helped out!

Here is Nolan's special birthday banner I made. It took forever to make but it was worth it. All I have to switch is the pics and it's ?? birthday banner! Don't you want one now too?

Nolan on his actual birthday. The boys helped make the cake. Nolan didn't really know what to think of all the fuss...the singing, the candles, the cake.

Party #1..see how excited Nolan is:

Living the good life for sure. All tuckered out.Party #2: by this point he thinks we've gone mad.


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