Monday, August 06, 2007

Mission #1 Accomplished

Yes! Our garage sale this weekend went so amazingly well. Even Gavin made a large profit on his kool-aid/krispy kreme/cookie stand. I think people couldn't resist his cute little face! I cleared out so many things and there were very few things left. I am so glad to have all this extra space. Just in time for all the new baby stuff :)

Speaking of baby, I am 36 weeks! That means next week I will be full term. I can't believe it. I not counting on going early, though...didn't with the first two. The baby's room is next on the agenda now that the kitchen and garage sale are done. I put the last coat of paint on and plan on starting the three coats of trim painting tomorrow?!? I was talking to Jason last night and we only have 29 more days (well, 28 now!). Man, bringing a new baby home is alot of work....I still have things like diapers to buy, clothes to wash, and a whole room to put together. At least I have the bassinet ready. If he comes early, he'll have a place to sleep!

I have my big 36 week checkup with the doc on Wednesday. I am hoping that I will be progressing (if even a little) and maybe get more details about the baby's size and such....

Thanks to all of my family that came to visit us this weekend. I know that I really enjoyed it and I think the rest of the family did too. I can always count on good eating and SOOOOO many laughs while you are here. I can't wait till you all get to come back and see the baby.

Well, I am sure that Cam will be waking up soon. Better get back to the laundry...I hope you all enjoy your week and will update you later this week.


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The Tate Fam said...

Thanks for letting me sell and help out! It was lots of fun!