Sunday, August 19, 2007

Now all we need is the baby....

Finally finished! I am so excited to be able to show these off. I had all of this pictured in my head for months and now it's all put together. I think it is very relaxing in there....probably because I am in there without a screaming newborn. Having it done is a good feeling. I think we also have a name picked out....well sorta. We have 2. I like Nolan and Jason likes Preston. So at this point, I think we'll wait and see what he looks like and then make a decision.

So here are some BEFORE and AFTER pictures of the nursery!!! Let me know what you think.

This the room BEFORE we bought the house. It was a teens room. Blue walls with shell wallpaper....gag!

Here are some of the work in progress. New paint (dark brown on the bottom, green on the top) with white chair rail. We also painted all the trim white but still need to replace the doors.

Here it the finished (almost) room: Only need to get a rod to hang the valance and get some items for the shelves.

I "recovered" the glider myself. This was a little more expensive ($30ish) than I wanted, but it's suede and sooooo soft. We still have the ottoman to do.

I really like how all the white shelving and frames turned out. The stars on the wall were blue but I just threw a coat of paint on them and what a difference!
I made these pictures using scrapbooking paper and the computer. Cheap artwork!

I also scraped his ultrasound pics with the coordinating papers.

Oh, and here's me. Just 15 days until the big day! I go to the doctor tomorrow and will hopefully find out SOMETHING. It's just a waiting game from here....Jaime

P.S. Thanks for letting me share :)

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