Friday, August 17, 2007

Kindergarten rules!

And so it begins...
Gavin started kindergarten on Tuesday! I was really surprised that I wasn't one of "those " know the red eyed, sad looking one smiling through their tears as they leave their child...who is so worked up by their parents actions that they are no longer excited...but scared that mommy is leaving them in this scary place!

Gavin was SO excited to start school that I think it was the only thing that we talked about in the days leading up to it. He was up bright and early on Tuesday, dressed and ready...something that usually takes at least 15 minutes with whining and complaining that "it's just too hard" Yet this morning, he was obedient and quick...I never knew!

It was off to school at 7:45...but wait...I had to take a gazillion pictures to savor this fleeting moment. I secretly prayed that I wouldn't be the only goofball parent bringing their child to school with camera flashes following their every move! Guess what...I wasn't and some of those parents had children well into middle school. least when our children complain about my picture addiction I can whine to them...."but all the other parents do it!"

The plan was to meet in the gym for a mini pep rally and them escort him to class. Some of the other parents did just this...but as he got into line with his fellow classmates, I just felt the moment was right to let go. A part of me was sad, a small part of me. But he is so ready and excited to learn that it seems selfish of me to not let go easily.

So now that school is officially over for the week my thoughts are this:

1. Nothing has really changed. Except he's not here until 11:30.

2. Having Gavin away for a few hours each day actually lets me spend more individual time with each boy. Cameron has my attention in the morning, and Gavin has it when Cam lays down at 1. A nice trade-off actually.

3. Gavin is way more responsible and mature than I give him credit. He remembers to do his homework, what to bring to school, and seems to be grasping new material easily.

So really what it comes down to is that he is still my same Gavin, but he's growing up and soon he won't be so excited about a new school year, the quarter I slipped him, or the ice cream sundae we just made I'll just try to slow down and savor these moments for as long as he lets me...

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