Friday, December 08, 2006


Just wanted to give everyone a quick update...The fire investigator has looked at the car and has determined that the fire most likely was started by a leaking fuel line. Again, we are SO LUCKY that no one was hurt and that we got out when we did! There has been a recall on our vehicle on this particular problem but it should have been fixed as this recall was BEFORE we bought the vehicle in 2004. The investigator is looking into this and will pull up the vehicle's history to see when this work was apparently done. Either way, the car was determined as being totaled (shocking, I know) and we are in the process of getting insurance all squared away. So it looks like we are going to be car shopping this weekend :) Although this is exciting, you all know how stressful this can be. Please pray that we can be patient and be good stewards of our money. I will keep you updated as we find out more -Jaime

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The Waggoner Family said...

Hello Jaime,

We will be praying that everythings gets squared away quickly with your insurance and you find the right vehicle. Have a wonderful weekend. See you on Sunday!