Saturday, November 03, 2007

Halloween follow-up

I didn't really get a chance to write much the other night when I posted the picture of us, and I wanted to share what we did for Halloween. First, we invited our Japanese friends over (they are attending Purdue until this May). Here she (Ayano) is with her little girl Koto.

We love sharing our traditions with them...especially the holidays. Our plan was to leave our house at 6:30...

We finally convinced Cameron that it was time to leave and he MUST put on his "hat and coat" You see, he HATED his costume and is was only by this wise trickery that he even considered wearing the thing. I must add that he really wanted to go outside so it was a battle to get it on! Out of the house FINALLY at almost 7!

Gavin was super excited about going out and had been looking forward to it for days. He was actually dressed and ready to go as soon as we gave him the ok.

We were so thankful for the warm weather (for Indiana on Halloween, at least :) but I still made sure to bundle the wee one up real good. I think he liked it because he was sleeping in no time flat.

Gavin was way up the block before we knew it...of course. But after gathering everyone up, we sent the kids to their first house. Cameron walked right up to the door and was VERY surprised when the man gave him not one, but TWO suckers! That was it, he didn't want to move until I opened them. So here we were, in the yard trying to convince a one year old that it was good for him to put the candy away (in the bucket) so he could get more. No way. So we negotiated and let him hold them...he walked but kept saying..."cande,cande,cande" and tried to get them open every chance he got! By the third house, he got the idea, put his candy away and tried to open the fourth house's door!!! It was quite entertaining to see him catch on. If you think about how bizarre this must seem to a child....or even to our Japanese friends.

It took at least an hour to go around the block. Needless to say, the boys got lots of candy...which is just fine for me :) I think some people slipped them a few extra pieces cause they were so darn cute.

Me, Cameron and Nolan ended up at home passing out candy by 8ish and Gavin went out with daddy to hit up a few more houses. Then, it was off to bed. Mommy and daddy enjoyed the quiet and "checked" the candy (ok, ate some too!) and made sure that it was all safe.

It was a lot of fun getting all dressed up and I have to say that I think we will try to keep the tradition alive.

Here are some pics of the boys getting their pumpkins ready...

Look at Cameron's face...he doesn't know what to do...cry?!? "Daddy...stop...your hurting my pumpkins!"

"Hurry get a burp cloth...the pumpkin just puked!"
"Oh fun! Let's see who can get the pumpkin seeds the farthest from the bowl!"


After.....these were Gavin's ideas. The one on the right is a cat and the other one was going to be a tree!?! but we convinced him otherwise!

As promised...

Nolan had a doctor's appointment on Friday. Got shots :) He isn't feeling well since and has had a temp and been spitting up. He definitely hasn't been himself. Poor guy.

He weighs 13 lbs 9 oz

23 inches long

Weight is in the 90% percentile. Went from 20-90 in 5!

Height is only in the 20% percentile. Short and fat :)

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