Friday, January 25, 2008

Wow! Sorry to the whole 2 people that actually visit my blog....This month has been quite busy with all the "little" stuff. Not much to report on. Just life...
Here are some pics to share what we've been up to:

Spirit week at school. We missed the first two days because of papa's funeral and viewing but came back just in time for zoo day (dressed as a bat) and class theme day. His is the "kingdom of Kindergarten" Gavin was a knight. Loved that the Halloween costume could be recycled :)

Now on solids....well sorta. This picture cracks me up....Nolan is actually doing really well with food. We stick to cereal most of the time but venture out to some veggies every now and then. He actually likes them unlike this picture portrays.We're potty training!! Sorta of....would love to share details but will spare you this time. Cameron is doing well it's me that needs to get with it...where has my baby gone?!? Speaking of Cameron...he has decided that every time he gets into bed he has to go potty :) Had to put a stop to it. He takes off all his clothes and waits....and waits....and waits. Too bad. This is how we found him one night. Guess he got tired of waiting. Hasn't done it again either.
Got to love the johnny jump up! It makes for a happy baby and mommy!
We celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary on the 18th! Thanks to our good friends who came over and baby-sat. Imagine our surprise to come home to this and a clean house. I bet they slept good that night. I saw pictures of all the fun they had....imagine all our toys out at the same time :)
In our house since Christmas...a little (um...I mean big) car! The boys LOVE it!! It keeps them busy for hours. Last year it was the roller coaster car...this year this one! What's next?!? My poor walls. I think some touching up is in order this spring.

Our first loose tooth. OH MY!Just a few more priceless pics:

Until next time -me


jmbachtel said...

The boys look so precious in your pictures. Wow Nolan is getting so big.

Stacy, Josh, and Alexander said...

those boys are getting so big. We miss them and you uys too. Take care and we will talk soon. Love you guys, Josh, Stacy, & AJ

The Baker Family said...

Fun picts! I stop in every now and then to see how things are going. Send some of that potty training wisdom our way! I'm hoping Morgan thinks it sounds fun soon.

Angie said...

Glad to see some new pictures.

-One of the 2 people who visit your blog (AKA Big Sis Angie)

the Rinehart family said...

You never know who visits! I found your blog through a comment you left on another! It's fun to see what all your family is up to! Looks like your house is full of fun with all the boys! We're starting to work on the potty thing too with Malachi! Best wishes!