Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Can you believe it??? Only 18 days since I last blogged. I haven't gave up...just trying to find a nice balance in life so the blog gets pushed to the bottom of the barrel. It's been a good break for me, but I feel like I have tons to share.

We had a great time on Ohio as the beginning of the month. The childrens museum there is a great place to hang for the day. A family pass is just $69 a year and it lets you use it in Chicago Navy Pier museum, Museum of Science and Industry, Ft. Wayne zoo, South Bend zoo, and lots of science centers, childrens museums, and zoo across the country! We are already planning on stopping at a few for breaks on our way to/from Hilton Head this summer. I am sure it will pay for itself :)

We spent Easter weekend with family this year. We even got to spend some time with my best friend! It was nice to spend sometime hanging out and catching up with everyone. It feels like we never get up there anymore. Sunday we spent some time at Jason's grandma and grandpa's farm. Gavin said it was the best Easter ever. There is so much to see and do. You know...boys + dirt = fun!

Gavin has started baseball this year. He is the smallest kid on the team, but it doing really well keeping up with the bigger kids. Technically, because his bday falls in July he still should be in tball, but he wouldn't have enjoyed that.

Gavin and his best friend Micah:

Cameron is completely potty trained. He doesn't even wet at naptime/bedtime. It was relatively easy. I guess we caught it at the prime opportunity.Nolan is talking and interacting more and more. I can't believe that he is already so big. He is very sweet and loves to give kisses and hugs.

Check out his new do':

Me and Jason have been busy with running the nursery at church. It really more work then I thought. We oversee about 160 volunteers so keeping everyone in the loop is a challenge. We have been making some major changes over the last few months and more are in the works. I like the challenge, but sometimes it seems like we are just spinning wheels and aren't getting anywhere :)

Cameron took this picture the other day at the park:

Last weekend we spent a whole day at Purdue's bug bowl. The weather was the best part of the day! It was perfect. It is mainly student run event, and these kids seem genuinely interested in teaching others about their major. There are tons of hands on experiments to see and lots of animals to touch. The boys had a blast with that. You can even sample bugs if you desire (mealworm brownies anyone??) We couldn't convince the boys to do the cricket spitting contest. Can't say that I blame them.

Ok. Enough already.



The Raines Family said...

Cameron took a great pic of you and Jason!

Aunt Rae Ann said...

Love the new haircut, looks so much like Jason. Misss you guys, talking about a trip to see you soon. Take care, Love you, Aunt Rae Ann and Uncle Dave, or should I say, Bob (ha ha)