Monday, September 28, 2009


what is that anyways?

Things around here are quite normal.

On Saturday we headed to see Josh and Stacy (Jason brother and sister in law) for Josh’s birthday.  DSC_2378The boys played, DSC_2333we ate

they played some more, DSC_2334DSC_2342

we ate again…you know…the usual.  DSC_2370DSC_2371

That’s what we normally do when we get together anyways.

Sunday we hung after service. I got my haircut (really short…maybe a little too short…but whatever….) and did a little shopping. 

Played outside DSC_2386

wrote that LONG blog post and didn’t pay attention to the two year old in the other room…oopsDSC_2382

This thing tried to enter my house….ewww……DSC_2461 and this stumbled into our yard… Just a normal Sunday.DSC_2466(She or He whatever) Is so sweet.   She takes this so well…. DSC_2523DSC_2527

The kids adore he/her.  Sophie…..well not so much.  Today the cat hung out in the garage and endured endless torture.   It has been named too….Butterscotch.  Now what are we to do?? Anyone need a cat?

Today was super windy.  and cold.  So I bundled the kiddos up, got out their bikes and started working on this:DSC_2504You can see the potential, right??  That’s what I thought! She needs a little work…but she’s on her way.  I love me a good project!

We did date night switching tonight and had ourselves a good ‘ol time.  I think the kids like this way better than us. DSC_2538 They get to hang out every week together.  We spoil them when they are here.  Shhhh….don’t tell their parents!

And, like normal, it is 11:45pm and we are still up.  Looking forward to what tomorrow and all it’s “normalcy” brings!

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