Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The aftermath

Hope everyone had a merry christmas. Thanks to all for the wonderful gifts! We feel blessed to have such giving family and friends. However, from the picture, it is evident that the boys are spoiled!!! We are in the middle of an organization nightmare...

We spent a few days in Dayton, OH this past week for a mini-vacation. Thanks Jason for the awesome christmas gift! We went to the childrens museum there and had so much fun. We even had a pool so we all got to go swimming. It was great to kick back and enjoy each others company.

After 10 days off of work, Jason's first day back was today. I think that it was a little weird for all of us. I know that it was hard for Jason to get motivated this morning! With all the christmas decoration being stored away and the tree taken down, its back to real life :(

Hope you all had a wonderful christmas and may the new year be better than the last!

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