Thursday, January 25, 2007

Snow day, Sick days....

Jason and Gavin celebrated the first inches of the season this past Sunday by building these cute (and creative) snow bears. Yes, Gavin says they are snow bears and not men. Me and Cameron stayed in the nice warm house and took a nap :)

We all caught a little unsightly bug this past week and have been cooped up for more than 4 days! Gavin was first this past Monday, then me, then Jason, then Cameron caught it. Thankfully only Gavin and Jason had it bad and no one had it for more than 18 hrs! Lately, I have felt like the Lysol queen, but I think it has finally left us all alone. Here are some pics of the boys from our last few "uneventful" days inside...

Our little super hero...oh how he loves to play dress-up. Hopefully he sticks to the superheros!

Caught ya....this is Cameron's new face when you say, "say cheese"

I'm sick mom, can't ya tell????

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