Thursday, March 22, 2007


Sometimes, I wonder how I ever got to be so lucky? Really, I have a wonderful husband, great kids, and a awesome job! Ok, so some question my "career" choice seeing that I could easily enter the workforce. But really, I do love what I do and even though it has it's moments, I won't trade it for the world...

Which got me to thinking. Actually this struck me today as I was doing the worst job in the world...Cleaning the bathroom...(by the way, I still would have to do this if I worked outside the home, right...or maybe I could afford to hire someone...umm interesting...Just kidding)

Ok, so enough with the rambling. These are the top five reasons that I love being a SAHM (stay-at-home-momma)

1. I'm the one that is primarily responsible in teaching them to walk, talk, and find their nose! (which Cameron has done...yes!)

2. I have the time to help Gavin beat the next level in his video game and was told, "great job mom" with so much amazement, that I actually felt my self esteem rise...what boss can do that?

3. When the weather is nice, I can grab the stroller and a bike and off we go. No time schedules to follow and hey, if we get a little dirty that's ok too. We have all day to play and bath and then play some more!

4. If we feel like staying in our pj's all day, we do it. AND if daddy comes home and comments that we are STILL in our pj's, we just remind him that he only points it out because he's jealous that he couldn't too!

5. I can use naptime to clip coupons and make a grocery list based on items on sale this week. That means that I actually make money on some items and save at least 50% off the grocery bill! Funny, but this actually gets me really excited!

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