Friday, August 29, 2008

New pics

This is the best your gonna get. No wordy updates...I know your suprised. Nolan says it best I think:
I keep promising to get back on the ball with this blog. Maybe if I stop with all the empty promises, something will give. See..Cam doesn't believe me either...
Warning!! Pic overload ahead:

I took these all downtown last night. Which is your favorite?


Tanksley Crew said...

do something fun with this last one keep it black and white but a little color. I think it is so cute. Plus the one with their backs to you is cute too. They are all cute, you do a wonderful job.

Stacy, Josh, and Alexander said...

We like them all there are no favorites. Cant wait to see you guys next weekend tough!!

Anonymous said...

Wow---that's about all I can say. Makes me want to hug 'em all! Very cool.
: ) Carrie