Wednesday, October 07, 2009


If you have been around me for any sort of time, you know that I HATE mornings.  I am a night person.  Love them.  Love the quiet.  I am motivated at night.  Mornings…not so much. 

Jason has had to be @ work by 6:30 the last few days.  DO you know what the means for me?  Gees, always thinking of himself.  No seriously, I feel bad that he has early mornings, but now I have to roll out of bed early and get Gavin motivated for school.   Do you know how hard it is to motivate when I am not motivated in the slightest??? 


I have been going to bed WAY earlier then usually.  It’s  the ONLY way I think I could survived.  And you know what?  I have survived.  I have been more productive because I have to be.  Funny thing isn’t it? 

Now don’t get it wrong.  Staying at home is hard work.  I mean I have to do things that I could be paying someone else to do.  Like clean pee off the bathroom wall for the second time in an hour. 

But really, I get hear story after story with each one ending….”isn’t that cool?”  Like, “I want to take Nolan outside and turn the hose on him.   Isn’t that cool?”

And maybe I complain and stress about things that really should be treasured.  I KNOW that these moments with my kids are fleeting, but who likes a kid who repeats your EVERY.WORD when they get in trouble.  I mean, seriously?  I don’t know whether to laugh at his cleverness to distract, or pull my hair out in frustration.

And while I am on to complaining.  What’s up with every time I get on the phone my kids start acting like hooligans. Gees.

Ok now I am way off topic.

Still with me?

Back to topic here.  Getting up early has it’s benefits.  Like actually being semi-productive in the mornings.  Call me crazy, but it’s nice to have a load of laundry done, email checked and kitchen cleaned before all the kids are up. 

Gavin is on fall break now.  I am sure things will get back to normal again tomorrow :)

An since this post really turned into such a random ramble anyways.  Here is what we have been doing lately.

Gavin is working on a school project.  Any guesses on what that entails???


We lost power the other night for an hour or so.  My camera was the only electronic device that was charged and working.  Guess what I did for awhile. 

DSC_3016DSC_3030Did you know that if you did a kid scissors, you can keep them busy for almost an hour???  And guess what?  No one cut anything they weren’t suppose to!


Keep them busy while I did this…..DSC_3217 Took forever to get organized, but it pays off big time. 

Last time I went to the store, I saved $58.00.  I spent $0.51 and got $3 back in printable coupons (Catalina's) plus a coupon for a free dozen eggs.

Now it’s way past my bedtime. 

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