Friday, February 01, 2008

Just wanted to share a few random things:

My Papa who just passed

A picture of me and my best friend on her wedding day.
{{ Shout out to Laina;) }}

Cameron "helping"

Me and the boys....not the best of pictures but I'll take what I can get when there is someone on the otherside to take one.

Snow Day! We got about 6 inches. Here that equals NO school :) Notice the look on Cameron's face...It's hard work having 3 at home ALL day. Ok, so I never "officially" got dressed, and neither did the kids...We watched "mobies" and played with playdoh and computer games...oh and momma took a nap when the 2 younger ones did. What a great day.

I managed to put off their "outing" till about 4 or so. By that time I could no longer convince Gavin that it was too cold, too much snow, not great snow for making snowmen...ok, ok. So I didn't want to deal with the mess and I worry about Cameron out there when its so cold. From the pics you can tell that he cared SO much. I am sure they are in their beds dreaming about daddy's promise to take them out tomorrow. You can find me and Nolan inside thanks!!!

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE that picture of us! I miss you! xoxo