Monday, February 25, 2008

Maybe, in my particular sleepy state...why I'm not in bed I have NO idea, I have become a little too emotional.

But, as I sit here and do nothing substantial (is that even the word I am looking for?!) I think of how particular blessed I feel. Maybe it's because I have visited many blogs tonight of people going through struggles and life challenges far superior to what I have ever experienced.

I am lucky to (in no particular order)
  • Have healthy children. No life threatening illnesses, incurable diseases or such. My heart aches at even the slightest pain they feel and I can't imagine what parents go through when their child is so sick.
  • Have family and friends that are willing to travel 2 hours to celebrate Cameron's birthday even though everyone expect two people were from up north. I LOVE YOU GUYS!! It meant alot to have you here with us.
  • A husband who digs thru the clearance racks with me for 10 minutes looking for the lost mittens that I think Nolan MUST have even though he wore it for 3 seconds and may never wear it again..but hey it was only 99 cents! He really does love me, doesn't he?
  • Have Friends. I can't imagine life without my mommy friends or my non-mommy friends. They both keep me humble, sane and encourage me in their own "ways" A girl really couldn't have better ones.
  • Have God...why me? Really? I've been chosen to serve an awesome God who is more awesome that I know! Yet, I fail miserably. I guess I am most thankful for His forgiveness time and time again. (on a side note: I often find myself comparing how I relate to my children and how it might be similar to how God sees me. You know, I always say, "I told you not to do that...I asked you to obey....God probably looks down, shake His head, and says the same things to me.)

Glad I got that off my chest. Now I can go to bed.


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The Baker Family said...

Sometimes I also, just HAVE to share my blessings. I can get so run down by the needs and challenges of life that I forget what I have to be truly thankful for. God is Good!!!