Monday, February 11, 2008

Major moves

Wow! Can you believe my little chunky monkey 5 month old can FINALLY roll over!

***EDIT: WOW, The pic I originally posted seems to have contained some um....inappropriate material (um...sorry about that!) I didn't catch it when I first posted. Here is the G rated version :)***

I probably should have taken it down all together but now it's just funny, or at least to me :) That's what happens when your almost 2 yr old knows how to take off his diaper...

I took this pic of the boys the other day. I did some editing..not the best but I wanted to get them printed ASAP...(I had a coupon that was about to expire that night :) Can you guess what I did????
We have been doing some major renovations this weekend. Ok, they were pretty easy but they have made a huge impact! Hung some frames. New light fixtures in the playroom, hallway and kitchen. New paint in the playroom too! This was the color of the playroom before...not was I was hoping it would look like...too orange for it to flow with the rest of the house. I ended up choosing the top one for the walls. It is a warm brown and it looks very yummy :) I like it SOOO much better. I am still shopping for a few of the accesories, but will post pics of finished product when we are finished.

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the Rinehart family said...

I noticed the X-rated picture! Remember I have an almost 2 year old too... I understand! Of course you have 2 others to care for besides that and you can't catch everything!