Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

It reads:

Dear Bunny,

Easter is about Jesus. We celebrate his life.
Just a little candy to share is ok. Don't hide our eggs.
Love Gavin Cameron and Nolan

We made a decision in our house that we really wanted Easter to be about Jesus and try not to commercialize it too much. But, we also love the tradition of the bunny and eggs so we did some thinking and decided that we could would let easter bunny in...on our terms!

We talked it over with Gavin and we all decided that is was ok for the bunny to leave a little candy for everyone to share (no trinkets or toys) but not hid our colored eggs. Mommy and Daddy would do that after we had our naps after church. So we all thought a letter would be the best communication (we don't have the bunny's cell number ;)
After all is said and done we are happy with our decision. I don't even think the kids missed anything. We had a great "family" day. Ordered pizza for lunch, took naps, looked for eggs, play candyland, ate candy, and finished the night off with the bible verses concerning Jesus' death and resurrection. Grandpa was here so that made it even more special. Here are a few more pics from the day.

Coloring eggs last night: So sweet all dressed up:
Oh look, Grandpa found a.....silly grandpa
Look what we found!
It was nice to get back to the basic and remember the gift that Easter really is. After all, I would not have my eternal security if it wouldn't for his death on the cross. With my acceptance of his death as payment for all my sin, I get to go to the most glorious of places...heaven.

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