Monday, March 10, 2008

Here's to you, Patty Sue!

Go here first. This is the challenge. As a momma I know that I sometimes feel so overwhelmed. But when it comes down to it, God knows what I can handle and gives me the tools I need to persevere. That said, there are people, like Tricia, who have bigger obstacles to face, bigger hurdles to overcome than deciding, "what's for dinner" To a momma who can't be with her baby like she would love...but knows that there are thousands of people out there praying for that day....

Tricia, I can't wait for you to experience....

  • Having to go to the bathroom with the door open or listen to a screaming child that can't see you
  • Putting those newborn clothes away for the last time with a heavy heart because time flies too quickly
  • Catching snot, slobber, etc with your hand and not even thinking about it
  • Wishing that they would finally walk, talk, etc. and suddenly regretting the independence that they have gained and longing for that little baby, if just for a second
  • Having them say "no, no mommy" while shaking their finger at you and having an "ah ha" moment because you realize you do it to them all the time
  • Watching them sleep at night, just because
  • Realizing their shoes and clothes cost more than yours
  • Bringing home baby for the very first time and then thinking, "now what?" happens every time!
  • Reading the same book so many times that you start "reading" without looking at the words
  • Their tiny hands folded in prayer...even though they are plotting evil doings because everyone else has their eyes closed
  • You little ones dirty head smell...ah...sweet! (OK, maybe that's just me)
  • Answering, WHY, with "because I said so!" even though you swore you would never say that to your child
  • Always worrying about them
  • Getting them all clean in the bath only to have them poo in the water when you reach for the towel
  • Having them take off their diaper and do horrid things with their you know what!? and then having it happen again and thinking that something must be wrong with this child!
  • The first time they sleep thru the night and you awake in a panic and think that A)something is wrong with the baby OR B)you are so exhausted you must have slept through it
  • Never having a date again where you don't end up talking about the kid and their latest musings
  • Date, did I say that, what's that?!
  • Holding your baby and having it feel right and perfect...just not the same when its someone elses.
  • Never understanding what is so cool about bubbles
  • All those firsts
  • Coming to the realization that it's OK to feed them cereal for dinner and JUST donuts for breakfast, if only this once (you know I am not the only one :)
  • Treasure all those pictures that they make and having to throw some of them away when their not looking...deep in the trash under LOTS of other things in fear that you might get caught

I admit...I am a little obsessed with their blog. Check it out if you haven't and make your own list!! Here's to you, Tricia, and all the things that you have to look forward to!


johnson6 said...

JUST donuts?! I hope that's not on a school day! ;}

the Rinehart family said...

love it! you said it perfect. the blessing's of motherhood!