Monday, March 17, 2008

Updates from the crew

I done alot of picture taking lately and not alot of updating so here goes...

We have ALL (well everyone except Nolan...good ol' breastfeeding for ya :) have been sick last week. By sick, I mean stomach virus sick. Poor Cameron got it first and had it the worst. It always amazes me how much their little stomach's can hold. Everyone seems to be on the mend now. After a long weekend at home recuperating, I think we are all ready to get out to the world again.

Nolan is almost 6.5 months now. He is sitting up all by himself and gaining more and more weight everyday. It's hard to believe that he is only 6 months old sometimes. He has become quite the picky eater these is driving me and Jason crazy. I mean, come on. Open your darn mouth kid! I guess that's what I get for saying, "oh you have a picky eater...just keep feeding him, don't accommodate him, he will eat if he is hungry..." YEAH RIGHT. I am eating my words this very day!

Cameron is talking more and more. In fact, it has gotten to the point where I can understand only about 1/2 the things he says. Usually I will ask for him to "show" me what he wants and I can figure it out. He is even putting 3 words together. Quite an accomplishment for a child that I thought would only say things like "dut" and "tis" for the rest of his toddler years. Gavin talked so soon and so well that I thought it was because of my excellent ability to parent. Apparently it has nothing to do with me. Each kid is so different..what? Really?

Gavin is reading quite fluently now. He is such a bright boy that I can only owe his intelligence to his father. I think he can sound out words better than me. Really. He really seems to love school, but on more than one occasion, has asked to stay home "sick" I guess that part of his intelligence comes from me. Don't worry, I didn't let him.

Jason has been busy at work. Busy with what, I really don't know. His job is very complicated to me because I really don't understand. Believe me, he has tried to explain it to me more than one time...something about designing parts for an air system on these really big CAT engines. All I think is....if these people were are smart as they claim to be, you would think that they could get it right the FIRST time it was designed. Sorry babe. I know that it is very complicated and requires lots of hard work and that's why your the engineer and I stay at home wiping butts.

HA HA. Ok. So yes my job does require alot of changing diapers (I have 2 in them after all!) but I would not change it for anything. I really do love to stay at home. Some days it becomes more than I can take, but most are rewarding. I have the opportunity to make a huge impact on my children and I love being there for all their little things. So even if I get paid with snotty kisses and muddy hugs I will still take it over a paycheck anytime (although if someone has some extra cash and wants to reward my efforts, shot me an email and we can work something out)

With Spring right around the corner, I hope that it brings lots of sunny days to get out and run off some energy. (My kids that is....I already have no energy) I have major winter blahs and with the tease of warmer weather this last week I am in some serious need of outside time.

Here's to warmer days and open window!!!

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