Friday, June 05, 2009


Hey ya'll. Glad your still with me.

It's been a busy week. Actually, it's been busy, but I've been lazy. I like those kinds of weeks!

Nothing new and exciting really, so I guess you get to hear about all the boring stuff going on here.

Gavin is almost done with baseball. One more week of games and then the playoffs. He is doing better every game. They came back and tied last night only to lose in the end. It was exciting to watch. I am amazed at the talent these 7 and 8 year olds have.

Jason continues with his weight loss goal. He is aiming for 30lbs by mid-July and has already lost 15! He running 4+ miles every other day and doing a Jillian Michaels (biggest loser trainer) video on his off nights. Watching what he eats, too. I am so proud of him for sticking with it. You can really start to see the difference already. Now, if only I wasn't so lazy......

We had a great garage sale last weekend. We sold tons of stuff. I always go through the entire house every year. If I haven't used it in a goes. I love uncluttered closets and empty 18 gallon tubs. The garage is still a mess, though.....need to work on that this weekend. We even sold our sofa for more than we bought it for 7 years ago. Gotta love that!

I have been busy working on a few misc graphic design projects. I even had a newborn shoot the other day. Check out on of my new favorites..

He was a great little listener. Sat so still for me :)

Speaking of shoots, I've been meaning to get some new family pictures taken. Ugh...not so easy when I am always behind the camera. I really should do it before it gets too hot.

Garage sale season is in full swing now and we hit some really go ones in the past few weeks. It's been fun to get some new stuff for the kids and even for me :) that was the most random post ever.


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