Monday, June 22, 2009


It’s VBS week around these parts…..Vacation Bible School.  That means that it is a fun and fast, and LOOOOONG week of lots of activities.  It also means that the kids sleep well.  There is lots of action around the day here too….cause we have some visitors.

Say Hello Evan


Alyssa, you too!


A house with five kids can get really loud!  But there is always something going on.  Like this:DSC_0058 DSC_0032

And some of this…..


And who couldn’t resist some of this:


But….all I ever get from him is this…..


Ok…maybe not always!










We are planning a picnic at the park tomorrow.  A trip to the pool and maybe some Chuck E Cheese.  I am sure that the kids are going to be bored some next week.  This momma only has so many tricks up her sleeve.

On a serious note….or not so serious.  There is this little rumor going around that I am expecting another little brownie.  That would be FALSE if any one cares to know.  I would like to believe that it started with my little April Fools prank, but I tend to lean towards my love for cookies.  K?

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