Tuesday, June 23, 2009


And so the weeks goes on…

It is hot here. So hot that we have the air on! I am sure the kids appreciate it.

We ventured to the big park today. Too bad that some punk kids were performing dangerous jumps off the equipment. Using foul words to boot.

DSC_0085We ventured down the another play area. 10 minutes later the kids were ready to go. Gavin has been begging to go to this park forever too! It was just too hot today! DSC_0065

Apparently, Even had a thing about being sweaty. He had his shirt completely off by the time we hit the car.


DSC_0070 DSC_0073 DSC_0074

We came home and pulled out the slip-n-slide. I don’t think they had fun at all :)

DSC_0127-1 DSC_0110-1 DSC_0124-1


Then they broke the slip-n-slide and improvised. We have some smart kids on our hands!

DSC_0141-1 DSC_0152-1

VBS is going really well….me and Jason are helping with the outdoor games and it’s really hot. But a lot of fun.

I think we may be going swimming at a friends pool tomorrow.

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