Tuesday, June 09, 2009


I am so annoyed with blogger. I can't move my pics around....but you get the idea.

Let's just take this opportunity to share about my eldest son...who just happened to have a huge day today! He's been playing baseball (as you know) but as the season has went on, he just couldn't get on base. He got on in the first few games, but the kids get better and he would either strike out or get thrown out. It was starting to get to his confidence. Guess what? He got on base twice tonight! He even scored a run. It was so exciting. He is improving so much and as him momma... I was so proud of his accomplishment.


I am sure that I shared this. I can't believe I haven't.....See that pin on his shirt???

Gavin was chosen as the eagle award recipient in his class this year. It is an award given to one boy and one girl in each class who has shown Christ-like character and leadership throughout the entire year. It's a huge honor and says so much about him as a person. You always hope that the things that you teach your kids carry out into real...well you know. It just makes me proud that he chooses to respect others and show love to everyone.


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