Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Just some randomness since I haven't had a good picture post lately. Who doesn't love a good pic post.

We celebrated my mother in laws birthday at Jason's grandma's farm a few weeks ago. The boys LOVE the farm and are always super excited to spend the day there! Meet Little Nakayla. My sweet little niece. He's not to fond of Jason and seems to tolerate me. Oh well...I think she picks up that I don't know what to do with girls....haha.
His Grandma has the best perennials I have ever seen. I can't wait to "help" her divide some of them. They are seriously gorgeous and she has flower beds around her whole house. So jealous :)

They have a barn for the babies. The boys love to let the cows suck on their fingers.....ewww.....I don't go near them. I do help them sanitize and wash and sanitize afterwards! Ha!
The first sign that summer in near...the sprinkler of course.
Made these for rodeo day for Gavin at school. See what you can do with a swiffer stick, a computer printout, some googly eyes, and some felt! I was of course the coolest mom ever for this one! They play with them all the time. Darn, guess I can't swiffer now.
All I wanted for my b-day....ok NOT all....but I love a good family picture with me in it. Hey at least everyone is looking. Too bad I need a haircut and Nolan ain't smiling.....I really shouldn't complain....


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The bestest sister in the world!! said...

Nice picture of Sophie's butt! hahahaha!!